Leeds property news: Housing targets debate

PLANNING CONCERN: Leeds North West MP Greg Mulholland.
PLANNING CONCERN: Leeds North West MP Greg Mulholland.
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Leeds MP Greg Mulholland has called for a debate on the figures used for housing targets by local authorities.

The Lib Dem member for Leeds North West raised concerns in Parliament about the figures used by local authorities such as Leeds City Council to calculate housing targets when developing their Local Development Framework (LDF) - a planning blueprint for how the city should develop over the next decade.

He said: “I believe the population projection figures used by Leeds City Council are not sufficiently robust and this needs to be revised. Whilst the LDF is being consulted, it is vitally important local authorities are using the most accurate housing targets in order to plan for future development accordingly.

He asked Leader of the House of Commons, Andrew Lansley MP: “May we have a debate on the housing targets used by Leeds City Council, which are benig questioned by Dr Rachael Unsworth at Leeds University and Wharfedale and Airedale Review Development (WARD)? May we debate whether the targets are accurate before we see huge swathes of north Leeds and Wharfedale being built on?”

The consultation for Leeds City Council’s LLDF has recently finished.

Dr David Ingham, chair of WARD, said: “The 70,000 houses which Leeds is claiming need building over the next 14 years is based on a largely aspirational notion that Leeds will become the number one city in the north and therefore will need these houses to accommodate the workforce. The logic behind this is highly questionable as over 100,000 people commute daily into Leeds from outside the city region and most of the highly paid workers in the financial and legal professions prefer to live outside the city.”

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