IN PICTURES: Nine best plants for outdoor scent

Wisteria, honeysuckle and gardenia have been named as some of the best plants to use for a sweet-smelling garden.

Saturday, 13th April 2019, 11:34 am
Updated Saturday, 13th April 2019, 11:39 am
In early summer, this classic evergreen shrub bursts into flower with thick, white and waxy blossoms that release an intoxicating aroma which can perfume an entire garden. This sophisticated white flower has inspired several perfumes, including Chanel's Gardenia and Marc Jacobs Eau de Perfume.

Horticulture experts at online garden centre have revealed their favourite and best smelling plants for a fragrant backyard through spring and into summer.

Honeysuckle comes in many varieties that thrive everywhere, and as such is a very popular flower among those who love fragrant plants. The honeysuckle vine can reach an impressive height of up to 40 feet, and its cluster of tiny flowers boast comforting smells similar to vanilla and honey.
The rich, sweet fragrance of white or yellow jasmine has made it incredibly popular around the world, prized for its brilliant green leaves as well as its soft, delicate and sweetly scented flowers. There are more than 200 different species of jasmine, and its essential oils are used in perfumes and aromatherapy for both relaxing and aphrodisiac effects.

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Lavender is known across the globe for its unforgettable fragrance and gorgeous purple flowers. Great for borders and better still, when the flowers are over, cut them and bring them indoors to carry on enjoying them.
Lily of the valley is known for its pleasant smell and delicate beauty, featuring nodding bell-shaped flowers. As a sweet-smelling flower, lily of the valley is use in the production of perfumes and as a herb for burning and for fever.
Mint should be a garden basic for anyone looking to plant for scent. Brush your fingers through it in a bed or container and the smell is unmistakable just dont allow it to spread too much.
Sweet pea is an intensely fragrant annual flowering plant which blooms in spring and winter with yellow, white, and deep red colours. Its increasingly popular in bouquets because of its strong, sweet smell.
Wisteria is a climbing, flowering plant boasting purple, pink and white petals and during bloom, producing a sweet pleasant smell. Chinese wisteria is the most notable pleasant-smelling plant of wisteria family.
Successfully growing roses requires a lot of sunlight, frequent pruning and fertilization, and a great deal of TLC but their beauty, and intoxicating fragrance are extremely rewarding. Roses are divided into three classes; species roses feature simple five-petaled flowers and colourful hips; old garden roses offer a delicate beauty and a wonderful perfume, usually white or pastel in colour; and modern roses are prized for their rich colours and shapes with a subtle aroma that varies among species.