Motorists are ready to defy the electric deadline

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Leeds drivers are so fond of their petrol and diesel cars that even the looming 2040 ban on conventional fuels is apparently not going to stop them.

One in seven diesel and one in five petrol drivers in Leeds say they are more likely to opt for that fuel choice again in the run-up to the all-electric ruling, according to new research from independent car buying site carwow.

The reasons for this are mostly down to habit, with two in five saying it’s what they are used to, while 15 per cent believe their current choice is ‘nicest to drive.’

Despite the strict 2040 deadline - called The Road To Zero - being agreed for the end of petrol and diesel, one in 10 of the 2,000 people surveyed for carwow believes diesel will always be on the roads. That figure rises to 16 per cent of those who believe that petrol cars will never disappear. 45 per cent of people in Leeds feel that the criticism of diesel in recent months has been over the top. Almost one in five don’t take their driving needs into consideration at all when thinking about a new car purchase, suggesting awareness of fuels for certain types of driving is low - petrol is best for short journeys, while diesel is best on long haul, for instance.