How to get to the secret beach just an hour away from Leeds

With warm weather predicted for the rest of the weekend, the urge to get out in the fresh air is stronger than ever.

By Alex Evans
Saturday, 29th June 2019, 12:23 pm
The beach is commonly referred to as England's highest beach (in terms of feet above sea level). Photo: Johnny Clarke

But a lot of people in Leeds may not have thought about travelling to a beach in LESS than an hour.

With many residents opting for east coast haunts such as Scarborough for years, the main road there, the A64, can become very congested.

This is the rough moors path leading to the beach. Photo: Johnny Clarke

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-> 10 sun-drenched rooftop bars for outdoor drinking in LeedsSo why not try turning the other way and heading to a little gem of a beach that not many people know exist?

Gaddings Dam, which is located right in the heart of the Pennines, is situated above Todmorden and because of the relatively shallow water levels, a little bit of sun warms the water up to a temperature that allows a paddle or swim.

There's is also sand and plenty of lovely walks in the area to fill up a day.

From Leeds city centre, the quickest way to Gaddings Dam is down the M62 towards Todmorden.

There's a strip of sand and some water to paddle in at Gaddings Dam. Photo: Johnny Clarke

It is 80 feet above sea level and 60 miles inland at Lumbutts village.

It is worth noting there is no road access to Gaddings Dam. The site can only be reached by a steep hike on a rough footpath to the top of the moors, so don't try to take your car TOO close.

However, a lovely walk along the moors in this heat sounds pretty magical. Just beware that those with access or disability issues may struggle.

OL14 6JJ is the closest postcode for a sat-nav system.