Leeds property: Oasis Properties makes its mark in the booming sales market in Headingley and Hyde Park

A leading student letting company in Leeds has seen phenomenal success after it began selling homes as well as renting.

Saturday, 26th June 2021, 4:45 pm

Oasis Properties is one of the prominent names in the student rental market in Headingley and Hyde Park, having more than 25 years of experience.

Recently they expanded their business and began buying and selling houses in the area to and from landlords – and also to some first-time buyers looking to get a foot in the property market.

The success of the new venture has been immediate, with properties being sold for more than the asking price in just the space of a couple of weeks.

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Oasis Properties owners Danny and James Rosenberg have seen huge success after starting to sell homes in the area. Photo: Gerard Binks.

Owner Danny Rosenberg, who co-owns the business with brother James, said everyone was “delighted” with the results, and he is now on the hunt for more properties to sell to meet the huge demand.

Danny said: “We’ve been going since 1996 doing student lettings for our portfolio and then managing and letting for other landlords.

“Recently, we decided to start selling properties and offering a bespoke personal service.

“We thought that what we could do is give quite a lot of our time, with quite a hands-on approach, like how we are with our own lettings, and also get a quick sale for the landlords.

Owners Danny and James Rosenberg. Picture Gerard Binks

“We give quite a lot of advice on the longevity of a letting, what it could benefit from, what it could improve on, that kind of thing from our point of view of managing properties.

“We’re kind of giving a whole 360 approach to service and looking after everyone.”

The family-run business approach worked, with the first properties they put on the market being snapped up very quickly.

Danny said: “We put on six properties in the first week and by the Friday we’d had five sales go through at the asking price or above.

Oasis Properties on Otley Road, Headingley. Photo: Gerard Binks

“Everyone was delighted with it.

“The vendors were absolutely over the moon and the people that were buying had a really quick service.

“We’ve since taken on another couple, again from one of our landlords who wants to leave after being in the market a long time, and again we have sold both of those very quickly.

“Anything we’ve put on sale has simply just gone very quickly so it’s new stock that we’re now looking for.

“So to any existing landlords out there who are thinking of selling but have only heard of us for letting, I’d say give us a chance because we are getting the results.

“What we want is more properties because I’m confident, wherever I get in I can sell at a strong price.”

The majority of buyers so far have been investors, drawn to the area because of the high returns from renting to students.

“I’ve noticed that the ones coming forward are from out of Leeds ” Danny explains.

“They’ve been the strongest interest, and although we have had some people from Leeds, it has mainly been new investors to the district.

“The yields are higher in Leeds than they are in London, so if someone has the money in London they can get a better return for their money up here.”

Danny added: “The investment market in Leeds is very, very strong.

“You let for a 12-month period and you don’t get any void or any empty time.

“With student properties, you let it to a group and you’re not worried about a professional being able to afford it because you’ve got the student loans and the parents are guaranteeing the rents so there are very few rent arrears.

“The properties just need managing properly, making sure they are always at their best, and always tip-top and ready for letting, to get a good return for your money”.

Although the majority of buyers are investors, Oasis Properties have also had business from first-time buyers like Max, a recent graduate who secured a good job and wanted to stay in Burley Park

Max said: “Buying a house is never easy, and that’s particularly true at the moment with such a fast-moving property market, which is why I feel so lucky to be buying my first home with the help of Danny and James.

“From the minute I met them they have been incredibly helpful. They’ve offered advice and recommendations and they respond to any emails I send them within minutes.

“Nothing is too much trouble for them and as a first-time buyer I really could not have asked for more.”

It is not surprising for Danny that students and graduates want to stay in the north west Leeds area, despite the new student tower blocks being built in the city centre.

He said: “The building started about five or six years ago, and what I would say is that it has brought the standard of housing up a lot because these students are coming from these beautiful first-year halls and they expect [the same standard] so it has definitely brought the level of standard of properties up.

“Gone are the days where you can rent them an old fashioned student place.

“But most students want to live in a student house rather than the blocks of halls/flats, and they are also very, very expensive – they are an absolute fortune in these places.

“So although they are beautiful – some even have their own gyms – people don’t want them, they want to live in a house where they can enjoy themselves and live a student life.

“Students want to be in Hyde Park and Headingley. It’s full of students and like-minded people.

“It’s got cool bars and all the trendy aspects and eateries, it’s just a great, safe vibe.

“It’s a great area, close to the university, and it’s nice compared to other university cities.

“Most students have signed up [for properties] again this year hoping that they’ll be back – they want to be here.“