Leeds houses for sale: Look inside five sleek houses across the city with beautiful dining rooms

Dining rooms have been voted one of the most sought-after features for house hunters in Leeds according to Purple Bricks.

Research out today from estate agent Purplebricks reveals 68% of house hunters in Leeds consider a dining room one of the most important rooms when thinking about their dream home.

This makes a dining room more sought-after than home offices at 47%, an en-suite bathroom at 62% or a kitchen island at 46%.

Along with a dining room, a garage, a kitchen with room to eat and a spare bedroom all topped the wishlist for house hunters in Leeds.

Large gardens are considered the most aspirational feature in a new home, with 53% desiring this outdoor space.

Despite love for old-fashioned dining rooms, period properties seem to be falling out of favour with Leeds house hunters, with over half of those surveyed saying that they are looking to move to a new-build or a property that was built in the last 20 years.

Period properties are now of interest to just 27% of those looking to move to Leeds.

Martin Baker, area director at Purplebricks, comments: “Getting together with friends and family is now a priority for many, after so much time spent apart over the last few years.

"Properties with separate dining rooms or kitchens with space for eating and socialising are proving extremely popular with buyers.

"This trend is likely to continue, so those trying to sell their home may find that creating an inviting dining area will make their home more appealing.”

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