Leeds arachnophobes react in horror as huge spider found crawling down Bramley street

A video of a gigantic spider crawling down a street in Leeds has horrified arachnophobes in the city.

Friday, 25th October 2019, 5:00 pm

A Leeds mum found the spider crawling along Fairfield Hill in Bramley on Thursday afternoon.

She shared the video on social media and said: "It was actually my 10-year-old son that spotted it, he was off school ill today and we were on the way back from dropping my little girl at nursery.

"He was like WOW look at that! I was actually fascinated by it and recorded it to show my older son."

The gigantic spider was found crawling down a street in Bramley

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Other residents in Leeds did not share the same excitement to see the gigantic spider.

-> This 99p spider spray works every time - here’s where to buy itOne resident said: "OMG I’d have had a heart attack. No way is that a normal garden spider, it would have to die before we got invaded."

Another added: "I'd be crossing the road if I saw that."

The creature appears to be a particularly large garden spider.

Arachnophobes could be in for a nerve-jangling few weeks, as millions of spiders look to seek refuge in UK homes.

The arrival of autumn marks the official start of spider mating season, meaning the eight-legged creatures will be leaving their webs this month in search of a nice dry place to copulate.