The Abbey Inn Review: A traditional pub to while away an evening to yourself

When it has been a long day and an early start and you have some work after work to do, you don't always want to do it at home - right?

And what better way than in a local with a decent glass of wine just for the change of scenery and to be around other people after yet another stint in the home office.

But, what if you are a woman and would be popping out by yourself ?

It shouldn't be weird but it kind of is. I have done it before and got the pitying 'has she been stood up' kind of looks or a few bad chat up lines. I am happily married but he was at the gym and going for a healthier Wednesday night than I was.

The Abbey Inn, between Bramley and Horsforth.

So, to make it feel less weird I took the dog (loves a pub) and walked off down to The Abbey near the canal at the bottom of Bramley, or Horsforth, depending which way you look at it. We had been before and it always seemed like an easy-going kind of local boozer.

It was well before lockdown that I had last been there and found it was still the traditional pub, fireplace, original beams, pew seats, lounge and taproom type set up. There were regulars chatting away in the taproom and a friendly welcome for me and the dog.

I fancied a glass of red wine and asked for Rioja but Shiraz was the offer. Fine by me, I am not an expert anyway. With a packet of crisps it cost me £4.50 which I thought was more than reasonable.

If a proper pint was your drink of choice then I don't think you'd be disappointed. Local offers were Leeds Pale, Saltaire Blond, Kirkstall Black Band Porter, Ossett Silver King while some of the more popular drinks now were also available such as Beavertown Neck Oil and Staropramen.

Red wine and a packet of crisps to help with the work flow.

I did note that as a steady stream of customers popped in for a Wednesday night, the landlord was knowledgeable of their alcohol rate and origin.

There was a spirits selection, which may not have been extensive but was well stocked. Monkey Shoulder, Oiphir and Courvoisier were some of the bottles that stood out.

Another that stood out, and transported me back to family Christmases, was Harveys Bristol Cream sherry. And, seeing as the pub was old school, I thought 'why not'.

I am not sure how many of these he serves up but it was one hell of a measure for £3.50 (again beyond reasonable).

The bar at The Abbey Inn.

I get the impression that The Abbey does try to make it a place people want to come to. Sunday lunch and quizzes, themed food nights in the week and an upcoming Halloween party. It is not the sort of pub that has sophisticated online menus, QR codes and ordering by an app - but it doesn't need it.

It is ideal as it is - and having sat there with my work, not feeling like a social outcast and the dog getting all the attention, I have to say I felt really okay there by myself.

Address: 99 Pollard Lane, Bramley, LS13 1EQ.

Telephone: 0113 258 1248.

Opening Hours: Sunday and Monday 12pm-11pm; Tuesday to Saturday 1pm to 11pm.

Value: 8/10

Atmosphere: 7/10

Service: 7/10