60 funniest pub quiz team names to use during lockdown

Trivia enthusiasts are taking to Zoom and Houseparty to get their pub quiz fix during lockdown

By Finlay Greig
Tuesday, 2nd February 2021, 5:08 pm
Virtual pub quizzes have become popular during lockdown, with competitors using apps such as Zoom and Houseparty to stay in touch with friends (Shutterstock)

Though a trip to the pub to partake in a quiz might seem essential for some, under lockdown weekly pilgrimages to the local are off-limits for the forseeable future.

In response groups of friends, pubs and resident pub quiz writers have been holding their own virtual trivia sessions, marrying responsible social distancing with competitive quizzing.

Teasing a chuckle out of fellow competitors with a witty team name remains arguably the most important and tricky obstacle of any pub quiz.

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Luckily we’re here to lend a hand with 50 hilarious team names from puntastic favourites to old reliables.

Old but gold

Tried and tested these range from smart word play to the churlish and rude - here are some firm favourites to get you started:

Big Fact Hunt

Norfolk 'n Chance

Universally Challenged

Comfortably Dumb

Artificial Intelligence

I'm Smarticus

I Thought This Was Speed Dating

Not So Great Expectations

Beyoncé Know-Alls

Victorious Secret

I Refuse to Say This Name

Simple Minds

We’re Googling Everything

Crystal Methodists

Multiple Scoregasms

Show Me the Monet

This Is Our Alibi

Boozy goodness

Though you might not be supping from a pint glass, no pub quiz is complete without a boozy accompaniment – celebrate this with one of these drink-themed names.

Tequila Mockingbird

My Drinking Team Has A Trivia Problem

Know it Ales

Beer Necessities

Blood, Sweat and Beers

Beer View Mirrors

A Few Beers Short of a Six-Pack

Liver Let Die

Only Here for the Beer

Empty Vessels

The Brewsual Suspects

The Pilsners of Azkaban

In Dog Beers, We’ve Only Had One

Menace to Sobriety

The Three Must Get Beers

Win or Booze

The Smartinis

Rum Forest Rum

10 Pints to Gryffindor

Lets get quizzical

Does swapping in the word quiz for any word that vaguely rhymes with it clever? No. Is it hilarious? Yes, absolutely.

Risky Quizness

Agatha Quizteam

Don Quizotee

Bucks Quiz

Quizzee Lizzees

Quizzee Bees

Les Quizerables

Quizteama Aguilera

Quiztopher Big Ones


Thin Quizzy

Eddie Quizzard

Taking Care of Quizness

Quiz Hurley

Quizzly Bears

The Quizzard of Oz

The Spanish Inquizition

You’re a Quizzard, Harry

Let’s Get Quizzical

Quiztopher Columbas

Lockdown themed

Make light of staying at home with one of these topical quiz names.

Itzy bitzy teeny weeny let me out of quarantine-ee



I get locked down but I get up again

Professor Quiz Whitty

Lockdown Funk You Up

Quentin Quarantino