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Mother of the Bride dressing steps up a notch this season to give statement elegance. Stephanie Smith has advice.

There’s a new spirit of daring elegance sweeping its way through fashion for this spring. It’s picture perfect for all special occasion dressing, but especially so for mothers of the bride and groom.

It’s their big day too, after all. Long gone are the days (if they ever truly existed) of the older generation keeping their finery at family weddings at an understated level, so as not to detract attention from the headline stars.

Fashion has moved on, for a start. This spring, for example, it’s all about metallics and whites and intensely vibrant pastels and fascinating floral prints. Adopt any of these themes for special occasion wear and a wallflower you will not be. We are statement dressing for pretty much every occasion we can, so your son or daughter’s wedding is not the time or the place to start coming over all discreet.

Fortunately, the rule book regarding wedding guest dress has mostly been ripped up, and you can wear almost anything you like, within the “smart” category.

Sure, you can go with the matching dress and jacket traditional combo if you want to, but this does not mean that you have to look unimaginative and staid (although it could well do, if you are not bold enough). There are some fabulous dress and jacket sets available, so look for something really different and special for this season, perhaps a suit in a gleaming silvery shade, or in dove or mink grey lace, or in a knockout statement colour that really suits you.

To hat, or not to hat? This depends on your outfit. If the colour, style or print is a statement in itself, a hat might turn out to be a step too far.

But a simple and elegant black column dress, topped off with a fabulously bold hat – now that might be the answer for a mother of bride/groom who wants to turn heads and wear something suitably special and celebratory, without worrying that she looks as if she is trying to outdo all comers, including the bride. Black is ideal for day-to-night dressing. Try with a bright tailored jacket for day (mint green or fuchsia or white for a monochrome look) and then take it off and add a gold bag for night.

Look out too for statement coats, especially for early season weddings, and make sure you wear shoes or boots you can walk (and dance) in.

Imran Khan who designs and sells fabulous Asian style and inspired jackets and suits worn by celebs including Amir Khan and David Dickinson. His day job is at sports car dealershipe GC Motors in Harrogate. Picture Tony Johnson.

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