Fashion: Resolve to begin 2014 with a stylish new aim

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Get yourself out of a style rut with a New Year shake-up. Lisa Haynes reveals the insider secrets.

It may be a cliche but the New Year is the perfect time for some ‘new you’ intervention.

You can wave goodbye to your fashion and beauty vices and begin the year with a stylish new aim.

But looking good isn’t all about losing those extra pounds of Christmas weight, or about spending lots of cash you can’t really afford.

It’s all about being smart - choosing wisely, prioritisng well and working out what will really help you look and feel better. But whatever you want, from a dramatic hair cut or shiny new It bag swinging on your arm, don’t take the plunge without some top advice from our industry experts.


Fiona Wellins, Colour Me Beautiful image consultant:

“There’s nothing like some bold colour to boost your mood and energy levels. To embrace stronger colours with confidence, you just need to experiment with the ones that flatter you most.

“If you want to go for something really bold, then wear bright colours that suit you close to your face and wear other shades on your bottom half, or as accessories.”


Maria Sadler, co-founder of Capsule Wardrobes image coaching:

“Lifestyle is a key element to determine what pieces you need and what will work for you throughout the year.

“Pick a base colour for the capsule, a neutral like navy or black, and add seasonal accent colours, but always buy your key staples (like a versatile suit or jacket) in neutral tones. Dresses are always easy to build a look around with some great accessories.”


Katie Silverthorne, shopping director:

“Invest in quality. The sales are a great time to invest in that iconic or standout piece you’ve been dreaming of all year, such as a Balmain coat or Miu Miu handbag that will last you a lifetime.

“When it comes to designer items, shoes and handbags often hold their value. Look out for classic designs, which will last a long time because of the high quality of the materials and construction. A great investment piece should be something you can use to the max.”


Janie Bryant, costume designer and author of The Fashion File:

“At the end of every year, most of us vow to shed a few pounds, but what if you resolved to change the way you view your body instead?

“Appraise your figure from a different, kinder perspective and come to appreciate every curve. You can accentuate a different asset every day of the week with some clever styling. For example, a svelte waist can be exaggerated with a skinny or wide belt clasped at the narrowest point.”


Paula Reed, author of Style Clinic:

“The secret to making inexpensive clothes look good is a great tailor - a reliable one should be every woman’s key contact. Not every seam can be tampered with. If a jacket doesn’t fit right in the shoulders or lie flat when buttoned, forget it, but a garment can easily be shortened or taken in to fit perfectly.”


Paul Percival, Percy & Reed co-founder and stylist:

“Have a hair goal. Decide on the sort of look that you want so that you have something to aim for.

“Collecting a group of images of looks that you love is the best thing to do when you’re looking for a big hair change. Think realistically about how much time you have to spend on maintaining and looking after a new cut, and always discuss with your stylist before going for the chop.”


Shavata Singh, brow guru and founder of Shavata:

“Never underestimate the difference that professionally shaped brows make - it is equivalent to a mini facelift.

“Groomed brows give you an instantly manicured look, structure to your face and accentuate the eyes. Whether you book in for brow taming once in your life, just to find your shape, or every few weeks, it will be worth it.”

Imran Khan who designs and sells fabulous Asian style and inspired jackets and suits worn by celebs including Amir Khan and David Dickinson. His day job is at sports car dealershipe GC Motors in Harrogate. Picture Tony Johnson.

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