Fashion: New coats for keeps

Paul Costelloe for Windsmoor camel coat, �349, at Jacques Vert.
Paul Costelloe for Windsmoor camel coat, �349, at Jacques Vert.
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There’s never been a better time to invest in a new coat. Kelsie Marsden picks out new season highlights.

When it comes to choosing a winter coat, you have to be meticulous. After all, whichever you choose will be a staple in your wardrobe the whole season long. You don’t want to reach November and realise you’ve backed a non-achiever.

A good coat serves as an extension of your outfit. Quality is key. Throughout autumn and into winter, your coat makes all your first impressions. What do you want it to say? Hint: this shouldn’t include any thoughts of budget cheap man. Think luxury, fur and statement quality and you’re in the right territory.

This season the fashion gods have blessed us all with a delectable offering of wearable trends. The fashion-forward, and those that like to make a statement, should invest in a printed or coloured fur. Last winter, faux was the kind of fur to be seen in and that is still true now. Spend a little and you’ll be surprised at the quality.

If fur isn’t your thing but you’re looking to stand out, a brightly coloured or patterned coat is your go-to. Think outside the box, more is more here.

Trends come and go and this season the big hitters are shearling and the wrap coat. There’s nothing cosier than being bundled up in shearling when the weather turns truly chilly.

If you’re more classically minded and want to invest in a coat that will last, look to the camel and smart tailored coat. Choose a neutral shade and classic style and this style of coat will never go out of fashion. Well looked after, it will become an old friend, often called upon.  

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