Fashion: A piece of Kate Moss

Kate Moss style
Kate Moss style
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It’s Kate’s Moss’s first collection for Topshop in three years. Stephanie Smith finds out whether or not it’s worth the hype.

There are few, if any, names that cause as great a frisson within the fashion world at that of Kate Moss.

It’s not just the effortlessly photographable face, the mussed-up though coiffed tumble of hair, the petite yet punchy figure.

Kate Moss is more than a model. She is more than a supermodel. Often described as a “muse”, she is a one-off, a mesmerising goddess of the fashion universe, instantly recognisable yet endlessly different and new, able to make us admire what she is wearing, while always being aware that she is the wearer. She brings the still to life, and makes the unobtainable, just for a moment, seem within our grasp – and so we are sold.

And then there is her own style, the looks we see her in at festivals and parties as she meanders through magical Moss-land.

The boho fringed cardigans, dresses and jackets (she likes fringing, a lot); the bias-cut slinky satin gowns; the bright chiffon prom dresses; the embroidered white beach tunics, the floaty scarves and kaftan tops. These are styles she has plundered from her own wardrobe in the past, to inspire her as she worked with design teams to create her clothing range for Topshop. And so it is with this latest collection, her first following a three-year break with the High Street brand. Launched less than a fortnight ago, the range has received many admiring comments. When I went to see, touch, try and buy it in London, I was impressed by the quality and the wearability of much of the collection, with several one-off statement and more casual pieces ideal for introducing to your existing wardrobe without having to buy a whole new load of stuff to go with.

But, as you can see from the prices here, this is not a budget range, and it is perhaps beyond the pockets of many. I spoke to the Trinity Leeds Topshop yesterday and was told that what remained of its Kate Moss consignment had been shipped back for online, as it hadn’t been selling “very well” in store. It was the same story at White Rose, although both stores do have one or two bits and pieces left and it’s worth checking out all stores.

But online is your best bet if you still want a piece of Kate. Yesterday, I counted up and there were 26 pieces left, including the zip floral sundress, £75, the yellow one-shoulder prom dress (very cute, £85) and the black tassel dress, £95.

But the gold beaded fringed dress and jacket have sold out, as have the lame maxi and the scallop shorts that I have already spotted on the streets. All in all, there are 22 SOLD OUT pieces online, roughly half the range.

Is it worth it? Well, the Kate Moss collection is perhaps a little pricey, at £45 for a scarf and £250 for that beaded fringed dress, but the quality is there to account for that. And, to be fair, these are classics you’ll love forever – rather like Miss Moss herself.

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