Beauty: Secrets to the salon-perfect blow-dry

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With thanks to the experts at Show Beauty, Stephanie Smith finds out how to achieve the perfect bouncing blow-dry.

The salon blow-dry is to the modern woman what the weekly shampoo and set was to our grandmothers.

Model Sammy of the lustrous locks, after her Show Beauty blowdry at Harvey Nichols Leeds.

Model Sammy of the lustrous locks, after her Show Beauty blowdry at Harvey Nichols Leeds.

For many, it has become an essential, once, twice, or even three times a week, while others see it more as an occasional treat, reserved for special occasions and nights out.

Show Beauty was founded by Tamara Ecclestone in 2013, offering hair looks and products, from shampoo to hair fragrance, £30-£55. There is a Show Beauty Bar in Harvey Nichols Leeds (booking not always needed) where you can have a blow-dry which is redeemable against product, so you get a luxury salon treatment and product, for example, the Thickening Lotion, for a total price of £40.

Here’s how to achieve a volume-driven bouncing blow-dry: Spray all the roots with Volume Mist. Section hair into blocks about 10cm square, starting at the nape, going up the back to the front of the head (about five blocks). Using a round brush, start at the nape section, blow-dry from root to tip, applying a flat nozzle hairdryer up and down. Finish blow-drying each with the hair rolled around the brush, give heat again and carefully unwind from the brush, keeping the curl rolled. Clip the curl to the head to let it cool.

Carry on through the central section and at each side. Spray with Thermal Protect and let cool. Starting at the nape again, carefully remove the pins from the bottom central section, letting the curls drop. Get a small flat brush and gently brush out the curls, giving a little backcomb under the roots. Spray again then remove the top sections and gently brush, backcomb the underlayers and spray. Do the same with the sides. Tilt back your head and gently move your fingers through the hair loosening the under layers, and finger curl through at the sides. Final spray and there you have the finished version.

Show Beauty at Harvey Nichols Leeds is offering 20 per cent off races and prom hair appointments booked during the month of May. Quote Yorkshire Post when booking. This will also be redeemable against product.

Call 0113 204 8888 and ask for Show Beauty. See http://www.harveynichols.com/store/leeds