Dogs Trust Leeds: All the adorable dogs and puppies in urgent need of a forever home this April

These rescue dogs in Leeds are in desperate need of a permanent, loving home. Can you help them?

Sunday, 4th April 2021, 11:28 am
Can you give one of the pooches at Dogs Trust Leeds a forever home?

Dogs Trust in Leeds has several dogs and puppies and these are the ones that currently need rehoming this April (all photos from Dogs Trust Leeds):

Bear is an 18-month-old standard poodle newfoundland cross. The team at Dogs Trust expect lots of people will be interested in him, but are looking for a specific place for him to call home. Bear is one of life's worries and can feel uncomfortable about a lot of things, so he will need owners who will understand his needs to take things slowly and build his confidence. He is big and strong but takes a long time to come out of his shell so will need many visits until he bonds enough to go home. Once Bear has formed a relationship, he is affectionate and fun and loves toys - especially cuddly ones. He loves his food which makes his ongoing training easier. Needing an adult only home, Bear must have no visiting children at all and very few visitors in general - including none at all during his settling in period because he worries around unfamiliar people. He can't share his home with any other pets but in time should be able to make walking buddies if he is introduced to them correctly. Bear needs a secure gard
Buddy is a sweet little dog who will need to live in an adult home as the only pet so that he can get all the attention to himself. At 13 years young, he prefers a quieter environment but still loves a walk (preferably when the weather is nice)! He likes to make his voice heard at times so needs a bit of patience especially at meal times and when travelling. He is housetrained and should be okay left on his own after a settling in period. He loves sofa snuggles but only on his own terms. Buddy has a heart murmur for which he takes medication and his eyesight is poor so he can be easily startled when handled. Buddy will need a home with a private, enclosed garden. Potential owners may need to make a few visits to get to know him so must live no further than one hour's drive from the Leeds Rehoming Centre.

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Charlie is an Akita crossbreed who is ready to start looking for his new home. He is easy to introduce to people although he can be worried when visitors come into the house. Once he knows you he enjoys a fuss, and there is a lot of him to fuss over. He has been rehomed and returned to Dogs Trust a couple of times, so this time he is looking for experienced owners who are fans of large breed dogs, and have maybe owned one or two before. Charlie needs to wear a muzzle on walks whenever he could come into contact with small animals or other dogs. The vast majority of the time he walks like a dream on the lead, but when he wants to go somewhere fast he is incredibly strong and needs owners who can hold onto him and keep their footing at the same time. Charlie is looking for a home with owners who are around most of the time initially, and needs an adult only home with no other pets. Once he has settled in, he should be fine on is own for short periods.
Digger is a very bubbly nine-year-old Terrier Cross. He is a really affectionate lad once he knows you. He needs to meet you many times and slowly build that bond, but once it's there he'll snuggle and play with you all day long! Sadly Digger has had little experience of home life and this has left him with a few anxieties. He's very sensitive to noise, so his home MUST be a quiet adult only household in a peaceful area away from busy roads and outdoor noise. He cannot share his home with any other pets but he is sociable around the right dog and will walk nicely together if introduced correctly. He'll need a lot of patience and understanding from his humans but if you are looking for a project that will eventually yield a fun and very smart dog then Digger could be your boy! Digger's new family will need to have a passion for dog training and be willing to work with our training and behaviour team throughout his transition to a new home. He'll need a fully secure garden with a four-foot fence.
Dottie is a gorgeous, vibrant boxer that is coming up to six years old. Dottie is dog social, but she is very worried about unfamiliar people and she needs to follow an introduction plan in order to get to know the new people in her life. Dottie has been rehomed and returned due to her behaviour around people she doesn't know, so because of this, we're looking for experienced dog owners who are looking for a bit of a project! Dottie has been working really hard with the training team and now she is ready to meet her new family and step out into the world. Dottie loves meeting dogs out and about, but she will need to be the only dog in the home. Dottie has got several health problems which she is on medication for, including hypothyroidism. New owners must be aware of ongoing vet bills and the Dog's Trust centre vet will discuss her health issues with you. Dottie loves to play and absolutely adores cuddles and affection from her favourite people. She is looking for an adult only home.
Dougie may be ordinary to look at and not the cutest or fluffiest of dogs but he has a lovely nature and would suit most homes. The four-year-old is friendly with dogs and may live happily with another dog or with children aged 12 and over. He will need a secure garden for house training and some mad zoomies off lead. He loves his food and should be fun to train. He likes his toys too and can get very excited. Dougie will need his owners around all the time initially until he is settled into his new routine. He is not a fan of cats and cannot live next door to one. His new owners must live less than an hours drive from the Leeds Dogs Trust centre. He is ready to find his new home now.
Jake is a very handsome six year old Lurcher. He is one of life's worriers though. He can be shy when he first meets you, but he's easily won over if you've got a few treats in your pocket! Once he knows you he is the softest lad you could meet. He just loves cuddling up with you and is so affectionate. He likes his walks and he also loves lounging on a sofa, a good walk somewhere quiet will keep him happy. He's manageable around other dogs but he doesn't like them in his personal space however he is happy to wear a muzzle out and about. Jake doesn't like being left on his own so he'll need his owners around all the time initially. He'll need to be the only pet in an adult only home where there will be no visiting children at all. He'll also need a good sized secure garden. Most importantly though, he needs owners who will share their sofa with him and who enjoy LOTS of cuddles! Jake will need multiple visits to get to know him before he is ready to fly the nest.
Jasper is a two-year-old Labrador Cross who is full of beans. He has lots of potential in experienced hands. Sadly his life has been very unsettled and he has been left feeling quite insecure. The Dogs Trust training team have worked really hard to help build his confidence and he's now ready to continue his life in a forever home. He is still a bit of a work in progress so his owners must be willing to work with us and stick to his training plan, but in the right home he will do really well. He's very smart and willing to learn and once he knows and trusts you he is playful and full of character! Although he can't share his home with other pets he's very sociable with other dogs and enjoys having walking buddies. Jasper will need patient owners who are happy to take on a bit of a training project! The Dogs Trust Training and Behaviour team will help and guide you along the way. He won't be able to be left alone until he's fully settled in his new home. He needs to be the only pet in an adult only home. He lo
Kumar is a beautiful Akita with a character that melts the heart of everyone he meets. He loves to play with toys and have all of the cuddles he possibly can. He is looking for a retirement home with a fully secure garden for him to potter around in and play until his heart is content. He is an older boy so looking for a quiet life as an only dog but is sociable when out on a walk. Kumar enjoys travelling and loves being outdoors, he walks nicely on lead and enjoys his walks but his days of climbing mountains are over. Kumar loves the company of people and is looking for a home with someone home all of the time so he can lap up all the attention. He can live with children aged 15 years upwards but at 10-years-old he is looking for a quiet life.
Lyle is a lovely lad who has a lot of potential in the right hands. He's three years old and although he's old enough to know better, he does still lack self-control! He's absolutely full of beans and always on the go so will need a lot of patience from his owners as he learns the ropes of home life. He'll need very dedicated people who have a good understanding of dog training and who are passionate about gradually bringing out Lyle's potential. He is extremely strong on lead so you must be able to confidently handle him out and about. He is a very intelligent dog and very willing to learn. His love of food really helps when doing training tasks with him. If you are looking for a smart boy who enjoys lots of interaction and will be a bit of an ongoing project, then Lyle is your boy!
Rumba is an ex-racing greyhound who at five-years-old has hung up his racing shoes and is looking for his next adventure. He has turned his paws to training and learning new tracks and is quite the training whizz. Rumba loves his food and is eager to please if there is a tasty reward coming his way. He does have a strong chase instinct but happily wears his muzzle when out and about. He's a real joy to walk and is friendly with similar looking dogs to himself, especially other sighthounds. Rumba isn't a cuddler and prefers more active interactions like training or play time, but he does show a more affectionate side sometimes. He needs a home with people who have the same passion for training as he does. Although there was an incident in a previous home when he was lying on a sofa, the Dogs Trust training team has worked hard to develop a number of verbal and visual cues which Rumba responds brilliantly to, to avoid him being in a similar situation again.
Tweed is a four-year-old lurcher. The team at Dogs Trust do not have very much information about him but think he would be best suited to an adult only home, or home with teens aged 16 or over. Tweed will eat almost anything but can be a little eager with his treats. Having not had the best start in life, he came to the Dogs Trust centre in very poor condition, but despite this he is sweet natured and enjoys being fussed over. Tweed had to have his tail removed due to damage done in the past but is still a happy boy who enjoys snuggling up in a comfy duvet. He is looking for an understanding owner to help him with all aspects of training - especially house training as it is likely he has been kept outside all his life. With a secure garden a must, Tweed is indifferent around other dogs and happy to keep at distance. He will walk with other dogs but would prefer not to share his home with other pets. Tweed is ready for his new home now.