Exclusive reader offer on number plates

Do you dream about getting a personalised number plate but think the price tag makes it unattainable?

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Thursday, 26th September 2019, 11:55 am
‘Cheap’ doesn’t mean nasty when it comes to personalised number plates.
‘Cheap’ doesn’t mean nasty when it comes to personalised number plates.

Well think again. CarReg is offering Yorkshire Post readers exclusive discounts on its range of personalised number plates.

“Make-your-own or cheap personalised plates are a fantastic option for drivers looking to get their first personal number plate,” said Russell from CarReg.co.uk.

“And now, it is better value than ever as we are offering Yorkshire Post readers a £10 discount on our stockplates.”

CarReg is offering Yorkshire Post readers £10 off on orders placed online at www.carreg.co.uk until December 6th. (Just quote “YPOST£10”)

And on any registration priced over £1000, call & quote “Yorkshire Post” and depending on the registration you may receive up to 10% off.

“This is a limited offer so now is the perfect time to get your first personalised number plate,” said Russell from CarReg.co.uk.

What are ‘cheap’ number plates?

‘Cheap’ doesn’t mean nasty when it comes to personalised number plates.

In fact, cheap number plates, which often come in a three-by-three format are used to enhance some of the top cars in the world.

They are taken from a whole range of different number plate styles, including dateless, prefix and suffix.

Usually they are more affordable because they contain obscure letters like I, U, X, Y and Z.

Prices start from as little as £65, plus a transfer fee.

You can start searching for your cheap number plate online today.

What are your make-your-own plates?

Make-your-own plates allow you to search using your chosen letters and numbers.

You can then choose from a whole range of plates which feature, or are close to, your chosen characters.

There are millions of available combinations in both prefix and current plate format with prices starting from just £155, excluding VAT and transfer.

Four steps to make your own number plate

Choose a format suitable for your vehicleSelect a prefix letter or a pair of current lettersSelect a number from 1 to 31 or a higher number or multiple of tenSelect the letters you require and hit the search button. Many people will pick their initials but you may be able to abbreviate your name like CRG for Craig, JAS for Jason or RUS for Russell.

You can start searching for your make-your-own plate online today.

Are there any restrictions on what I choose?

All number plates must follow DVLA rules.

You cannot assign a number plate starting with ‘Q’ or ‘NIQ’, put a private number on a ‘Q’ registered vehicle or use a private number that makes a vehicle look newer than it is.

For example, you cannot put an ‘07’ registration number on a 2003 registered vehicle.

You also cannot use a number plate which is already assigned to another vehicle.

To ensure your number plate meets all UK regulations, make sure you buy your plate from a recognised reseller of DVLA registrations or a DVLA registered number plate supplier.

How soon can I start using my new number plate?

Transferring a personalised plate to a vehicle is easy – the process is similar to taxing your car online.

This can be done up to 10 years after purchase if you do not want to assign straight away, are in the process of purchasing a new vehicle, or buying as a gift.

You will need one of the following: a V778 retention document, a V750 certificate of entitlement, or, an online reference number.

You should receive these when you buy your number.

The vehicle you are putting the plates on must be registered with the DVLA in the UK, have been taxed or had a SORN in place continuously for the past five years and be available for inspection.

If you apply online and your vehicle does not need an inspection your number will be assigned immediately.

Start shopping for your personalised plate today

Carreg.co.uk has cheap number plates, DVLA number plates and private number plates available to buy today.

For more information visit www.carreg.co.uk.