Why the price of courgettes is rocketing

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You may have noticed that the price of courgettes is higher than normal.

This is due to a shortage of the vegetable across southern Europe as months of cold weather has shortened its production.

The poor conditions in Spain and Italy, where the majority of courgettes which are sold in the UK are grown, has meant a shortage in the usual amount of the vegetable.

Weather has also affected the production of lettuces, salad peppers, broccoli and cabbage.

Dutch vegetable supplier Valstar Holland said the price of courgettes has quadrupled since the summer - with a 5kg box costing £20 as opposed to £4 or £6.

Jordi Volderman, UK sales manager at the supplier said: "There is less production but demand is at the same level so it has driven prices up enormously."

He added the shortage could also affect aubergines and tomatoes.

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