Review: Pita Pit, Woodhouse Lane, Leeds

Pita Pit selected Leeds as the location 'for its second UK branch.
Pita Pit selected Leeds as the location 'for its second UK branch.
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There’s been something of a revolution at the Merrion Centre over the last 12 months.

And with exciting plans to boost its regeneration even further it is fast becoming a popular place for new arrivals on the city’s culinary scene.

The latest string of high-profile additions to the centre has seen celebrity chef Marco Pierre White reveal he is setting up a restaurant in his home city.

And following the opening of the First Direct Arena two years ago the centre, which celebrated its 50th birthday last year, is undergoing its very own renaissance.

It has received a £50m facelift and experienced almost a 20 per cent rise in visitor numbers since the arena opened.

And among those investing in the site is Canadian based outlet Pita Pit which selected Leeds as the location for its second UK branch.

Little Oliver has often seen queues at the store during his travels around the city centre and decided to see what lay in store.

The brand prides itself on Mediterranean made to order pitta breads and with temperatures soaring in Leeds this week it seemed like the ideal choice to capture that holiday spirit.

We arrived at lunch time and were greeted by a queue but the serving team quickly worked their way through the hustle and bustle and the crowd.

The cafe itself was minimalist with metallic chairs and a water fountain mounted in the wall.

My lunch companion and I perused the menu on the wall and were spoiled for choice with a selection of different grilled chickens, falafel and steak.

I opted for the souvlaki – a Greek style fried chicken – complete with a fresh salad all crammed into a large white pitta bread.

My lunch companion opted for the spicy chicken with feta cheese in a large white pitta bread along with a crunchy salad.

Our speedy lunches were grilled and prepared before our eyes as the servers stuffed the pitta breads to bursting point.

And they were so well packed that Little Oliver ended up spilling the contents of his lunchtime snack as he enjoyed tucking in.

My lunch companion quickly devoured his lunch as I struggled to prevent a complete overspill of chicken and salad into my lap.

Overall our two pitta breads, a packet of crisps and two soft drinks came in at £13.90.

It has been reported that there are plans to open another 10 Pita Pits in Leeds over the next five years.

And now we are just playing the waiting game to see where these tasty additions are going to pop up next.

Rating: 4/5