Review: Little Tokyo, Central Road, Leeds city centre

Little Tokyo, Leeds.
Little Tokyo, Leeds.
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There’s something almost comforting about slurping a huge bowl of soup.

Scientists have long pondered over the “medicinal effects” of the simple dish which dates back over the centuries.

But as the cold snap of winter looks unlikely to thaw anytime soon Little Oliver decided to seek comfort in a piping hot dish of Japanese style soup.

It has been over a year since Little Oliver last visited Little Tokyo so it seemed like the ideal time to reacquaint himself with an old friend.

Situated at the back of House of Fraser, on Briggate, my companion and I were surprised to see the subtle hideaway crammed full of diners.

It would seem that many other people had the same idea.

The decor of the restaurant itself is certainly a feast for the eyes.

The main dining room is split into two sections and comes complete with a bridge and its own pagoda-style water feature.

One section features irregular shaped wooden tables, which almost resemble pieces of driftwood, and tall wooden chairs.

The second half is slightly more traditional with low tables and cushions to sit on for a more intimate dining experience.

On our last visit we were seated next to the “pond” where we seemed to make some unlikely new friends in the form of eight curious carp.

Once again we were sat next to our fishy friends who seemed quite content swimming around the feature before gathering at the end of the feature to watch us as we dined.

We perused the giant menus and options included a selection of stir-fried noodles, teriyaki dishes, Japanese style curry with rice and a selection of sushi.

Again, neither of us had the heart to order any sushi for fear of upsetting our friends.

My companion decided to settle for Little Tokyo’s special “Bento Box Meal” which is billed as a four course dinner in its own special compartmented box priced at £13.55.

He ordered the chicken katsu which came complete with a side of rice sprinkled with a mishma topping made of tuna and seaweed mix.

There was also a side of delicious crispy ginger salad along with a vegetable tempura.

My dining partner soon cleared his plate and was particularly impressed with the vegetable tempura.

I decided to seek comfort in a delicious bowl of chicken ramen priced at £8.55.

The soya-based soup came with tender pieces of shredded chicken, noodles, seaweed, watercress, mange tout and enoki mushrooms.

As the frost started to settle on the city centre streets outside, Little Oliver enjoyed slurping the tasty warming noodle soup.

The dish was well seasoned and packed a warming punch the further I got through the bowl.

All together our meal, including a beer and a lemonade, was just over £27.

Rating: 4/5