Restaurant review: Roxy Ballroom, Leeds

Roxy Ball Room, Albion Street, Leeds. Pictures: James Hardisty.
Roxy Ball Room, Albion Street, Leeds. Pictures: James Hardisty.
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ROXY Ballroom was one of the first ‘activity’-themed bars that opened in Leeds city centre.

Launching back in 2013 and offering games such as ‘beer pong’, table tennis and pool, it was something different and brought a competitive element to a night out.

Roxy Ball Room.

Roxy Ball Room.

But they didn’t stop there, and opened miniature golf course Roxy Swingers Club on the top floor of the venue earlier this year.

It’s fair to say the games take centre stage at Roxy, but we were interested to see if the food was good enough to share some of the limelight.

We decide to visit on a Saturday afternoon – one of the bar’s busiest times.

It’s packed with people, so we snake our way past the crowd to the back of the bar.

We’re told that there’s a pool table free available soon, so we put our name down and take a look at the food menu while we wait.

The food is pretty much the same as the offering at sister venue Roxy Lanes, which has its own bowling alley.

The menu is divided up simply into starters and sharers, pizzas, burgers, ‘grilled subs’ and desserts.

We opt for the ‘three for £10’ deal on the starters and sharers, and choose dough balls with garlic butter and garlic mayo dip, cracked pepper chips with cajun tomato dip and some chicken and chorizo skewers.

The pizzas come in two sizes – small for £7 or large for £10.

We go for a large pepperoni, which comes with tomato, mozzarella, red peppers and rocket.

We place our order at the bar and are informed that our pool table has become free, so start to play.

It feels like mere minutes pass before our order arrives.

The amount of food is possibly slightly too much for our group of four, but it’s great value for money.

The large doughballs are perfectly cooked and are smothered in melted garlic butter.

The skewers also prove popular, as do the chips, which have an extra kick thanks to the black pepper.

We struggle to finish the pizza, but it is fresh, delicious and cooked well, with a generous amount of gooey mozzarella.

The food bill comes to a very reasonable £20.

Looking around, there aren’t many people eating, though.

It seems that perhaps the games and activities on offer may be distracting punters from the food menu.

It’s a shame, because if you take all the activities away, Roxy could hold its own as a stand-alone food destination.

Let’s hope punters put down the cues/bats/cups long enough to pay the menu some attention in future.

Rating: ****