Restaurant review: Rosie’s Diner, Cardigan Fields, Leeds

Rosie's Diner, Cardigan Fields, Kirkstall.
Rosie's Diner, Cardigan Fields, Kirkstall.
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GOOD things come to those who wait, as the saying goes.

But during a recent trip to Rosie’s Diner, that idea was pushed to its limits.

Passing the new 24-hour eatery, we spotted a huge monster truck parked outside with the restaurant’s name emblazoned on it, so we went to investigate.

Rosie’s Diner is an all-American venue with a bar, pool table, red leather booths and a huge yellow school bus inside, where you can sit for your meal if you so desire.

My companion and I jumped at the chance and were shown to a table by a friendly waitress when a stampede of children hurtled on to the bus.

The noise became too much, and we moved to a table in the main dining area.

But the herd of youngsters was now speeding down the bus, whizzing past our table and completing never-ending laps around the restaurant, disrupting every customer for all of our two-hour visit.

The couple next to us gave up and left, but we wanted to stick with it because the food sounded good.

Starters include chicken wings, ribs, and mozzarella dippers, priced from £4 to £6.

Then for mains, there’s home-made Yorkshire beef burgers, hot dogs, salads, steaks and sandwiches, all priced between £7 and £14.

I chose the jalapeño poppers at £4.25, followed by Southern fried chicken, with cajun fries and ‘slaw’, for £9.95.

My companion had the Texan chilli cheeseburger at £9.95, with the same sides.

Our drinks (a coke float and a milkshake) took 20 minutes to arrive, by which point we’d moved tables again to escape the kids galloping round.

We put the delay down to teething problems, as the venue only opened a few days ago, but ended up waiting even longer for the food to arrive.

We were starving, and the restaurant looked like chaos.

There were hordes of people waiting for tables, with some walking out despite staff doing their best to appease them.

There was no food was coming out of the kitchen at all and every waiter wore identical looks of forced cheerfulness, with helpless desperation beneath, and my companion cruelly speculated the catering team on the Titanic must have looked similar.

Just as we were about to jump ship, our food arrived.

The starter was missing, but, thankfully, the food that turned up was good.

Served in a red basket, the salty Southern-fried chicken was juicy and the batter was fresh with a spicy kick.

But the chips and coleslaw were both average.

My companion enjoyed his burger though, which came with a portion of tasty chilli con carne and cheese on top.

With two more soft drinks, the bill came to £37.

Apparently the kitchen staff had called in sick, hence the delay, and the manager then gave us 20 per cent off the bill. After deducting the starter that never arrived, it ended up at £29.

Dodging the children on the way out, we were disappointed that despite the reasonable prices and tasty food, it just wasn’t worth the wait.

Rating: 1/5

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