Restaurant review: Muffin Break, Trinity Leeds

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Almost a year on from the opening of Trinity Leeds, the shopping mecca has made itself part of the city centre.

But of course it’s not all about retail therapy, there are almost as many places to eat and drink as there are to shop.

Trinity Kitchen has grabbed much of the attention and – judging by the swarms of diners it attracts – much of the custom.

However, there are other options within Trinity to grab a quick, hearty, and potentially cheaper, lunchtime treat.

And treat is the operative word at Muffin Break.

The first Leeds outpost of a rapidly expanding national chain, it specialises, unsurprisingly, in muffins.

At Muffin Break there are most muffin flavours you could imagine, and a few more besides.

On entering the eaterie, located on the upper levels of the centre close to a branch of the ubiquitous Costa, a glass cabinet contains a good selection of savouries too.

As well as sandwiches and wraps, on our visit there were also good-looking quiches, baguettes and tartlets.

An extremely tempting range of cakes was also housed there, and temporarily threatened to derail our muffin-testing intentions.

However me and my dining partner managed not to be distracted, him picking a panini and me a toastie as a first course.

The friendly and helpful staff took these for heating while we chose drinks and found a seat.

On a weekday lunchtime Muffin Break still had plenty of space among its fairly non-descript but perfectly pleasant decor and our savouries arrived soon after we sat down.

My tuna melt toastie was exactly as you would expect, with its melted cheese and tuna filling making a perfect partnership, offset by the bite of a few crunchy morsels of red onion.

Across the table, my companion’s pepperoni, jalapeno and mozzarella panini was a sandwich-making-by-numbers, but suitably tasty, affair.

We were looking forward to our muffins, which we’d picked from the baskets behind the counter while ordering our lunch.

I was a little overwhelmed, being torn between a Mars bar variety, the blackberry and choc chip or my eventual choice, the strawberry and choc chip.

It came topped with a generous dollop of sickly-sweet vanilla icing and a slice of fresh strawberry – my concession to being healthy.

Inside it was wonderfully moist and studded with strawberry bits, rather than having a jammy filling – which I preferred. However there was a distinct lack of chocolate chips, with me only detecting a couple in the whole muffin.

For a cafe which sells itself on its baked goods, you’d be entitled to expect something extra special, which I’m not sure this was.

My companion also found the flavours of his coffee and walnut muffin disappointingly understated.

Our overall bill came to a reasonable £16 and we had a perfectly pleasant lunch, but we’d hoped for muffins with a bit more bite.

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