Restaurant review: Everyman Pizzeria, Trinity Leeds

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You would be forgiven for thinking that a gastronomic trip to the cinema would just involve a simple box of popcorn.

For those who like to sample the sweeter things in life there is always the staple diet of fizzy cola bottles or fried eggs from the pick and mix stand.

But Little Oliver decided to opt for a trip to the flicks for a more unusual blockbuster lunch offering.

The Everyman Cinema in the heart of Trinity Leeds is not just your average cinema.

Besides the fact it has luxurious two-person sofas to sink into while watching some classics it also comes complete with its very own pizzeria.

Most of the eateries in the glistening new centre are crammed to the rafters at lunchtimes.

And sometimes venturing into Trinity Kitchen can be something of an obstacle course to negotiate around the crowds of people angling for a table.

But Little Oliver was pleasantly surprised when he went to Everyman Pizzeria because it was like a little quiet haven in the bustling bubble of Trinity.

There was almost an air of calm and tranquillity about the restaurant while shoppers were battling through the sales outside.

Little Oliver couldn’t help but feel as though he had unearthed a hidden secret that not many people knew about in the ‘outside’ world.

But despite what seemed like a relatively quiet jaunt to the cinema our waiter told us that there would be a 20-minute wait for food.

My dining partner and I were seated in the light and airy restaurant which has its very own almost metal like cage against the walls.

On the walls were neon lights and stencilled instructions about how to create your own sourdough.

When we arrived at the table our waiter ripped off two pieces of paper from a pad which made up the menu and placed a roll of kitchen paper in the middle of the table.

My dining partner and I knew from that moment that this was going to be a no-nonsense lunch.

The menu was packed with pizzas and pastas of all flavours as well as a variety of burgers and a festive venison risotto.

Little Oliver decided to settle for classic pepperoni pizza while my dining partner went for the spinach and mushroom pizza.

The open plan kitchen gave us the chance to take a sneaky peek at the chefs working away behind the scenes at the giant oven while we waited for our meal.

Our pizzas came served on two wooden boards and were packed with cheese and our respective toppings.

The bases were light and crispy and we quickly devoured our lunch in minutes.

Overall our bill came in at just over £20 including two soft drinks.

Everyman Cinema’s pizzeria certainly made a more unusual trip to the flicks.

But Little Oliver has a sneaky suspicion that everyone will be getting in on a pizza the action at this tasty slice of Trinity Leeds.

PIC: Tony Johnson

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