Lunch review: Appetite, Wellington Street, Leeds city centre

PIC: James Hardisty
PIC: James Hardisty
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Over the years this small, city centre sandwich bar has certainly built up an appetite for success.

When Little Oliver has strolled past this cosy eaterie, which is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Wellington Street and a stone’s throw from the train station, the lunchtime queue out of the door speaks volumes.

And on my last visit I was certainly impressed with the bravery of the hoard of diners who were prepared to queue outside in the cold for a sandwich.

Appetite has certainly built up a reputation over the years so my lunch companion and I decided to outwit the lunchtime rush and venture out slightly earlier than usual.

When we arrived, at just after noon, the cosy sandwich bar was practically empty but within minutes of placing our orders the queue was almost out of the door again.

Once inside the small cafe diners are treated to a fantastic display of different breads of all shapes and sizes in baskets ready to be sliced.

And the counter is stuffed with fresh meats, salads and condiments.

The small dining area had some cosy twinkling lights and was furnished with dark wooden chairs and tables to add to that cosy feel.

The generous menu includes several sandwiches and paninis as well as hot food such as homemade soups, jacket potatoes with various fillings and beef stew and dumplings.

There was certainly plenty of options to choose from and my lunch companion had to take a few minutes just to ponder over what he was in the mood for eating.

He finally settled for the mozzarella, pesto and tomato toasted sandwich while I opted for a crayfish, lemon and pepper sandwich.

And the sandwich shop certainly lives up to it name because it is safe to say that you certainly need to work up an appetite to enjoy the lunch.

Our mammoth sandwiches were packed with fresh ingredients and the slices of bread were almost doorstop thick.

At first Little Oliver felt slightly overphased by the sheer size of the mammoth sandwich.

But not one to be defeated I soldiered on - although by the time I had chomped through half of my sandwich my lunch partner had managed to polish his off.

The seasoning on my sandwich was delicious and the crayfish was not soggy in the slightest.

My lunch companion was impressed with the size of the sandwich and complimented its fresh ingredients.

Despite the generous serving of pesto he said the sauce did not overpower the combination in the slightest.

We then picked a slice of lemon and blueberry cake and a slice of chocolate mint cake to finish off our lunch.

The cakes were moist and we had to save some for later because we were far too full.

Our meal was rounded off with an apple juice and a can of soft drink and came to just over £12.

Although Little Oliver left with a slightly lighter wallet his waistline on the other hand did not fare so well.

Rating: 4/5

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