Bar review: Coors Light Ice Bar, The Headrow, Leeds

The new pop-up ice bar at the Bierkeller. PIC: Tony Johnson
The new pop-up ice bar at the Bierkeller. PIC: Tony Johnson
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WE were beyond excited when we heard a new pop-up ice bar was coming to Leeds.

And so were you, it seems, as news of it arriving in the city saw thousands of you flocking to the YEP website to read all about it.

Ice Bar in Leeds. Pic: Tony Johnson.

Ice Bar in Leeds. Pic: Tony Johnson.

With so much hype, perhaps it was always going to be difficult to live up to it.

Nonetheless, we hurried along to try it out.

The bar is nestled at the top of Shooters on The Headrow, although the website will tell you it’s part of Bierkeller, which has an entrance on the other side of the building.

Due to the kerfuffle and confusion, when we eventually staggered up to the top floor, we were told we were 10 minutes late for our booking and had missed the slot.

It was disappointing and seemed a little over the top but it was explained to us that by continuing to open and close the door, it changes the temperature of the room.

Luckily they managed to squeeze us in to the next slot in half an hour’s time, so we waited until then.

Tickets, which can be bought online, cost £5 per person and include a drink.

We got a round at the bar upstairs and waited for our re-arranged time slot.

Once the time came, we were given wristbands and ushered to a side area where we were instructed to put on one of the supplied shiny silver coats to help keep us warm.

After a 15-minute wait, we were eventually ushered into the ice bar.

To put it bluntly, it looks like a huge box from the outside.

But the inside is pretty cool (excuse the pun).

There’s an ice sofa to the right with fake fur throws, plus a huge bear ice sculpture.

Iconic quotes about the cold, snow and ice from films and show are lit upon the wall and there’s a bar in the far corner.

Everyone made a dash for the bar so we decided to take part in the miniature curling game, which was a nice surprise and kept everyone entertained.

With your ticket you can get a beer, glass of wine or spirit and mixer.

There was an ice luge too but the barman pointed out that it had become too frozen, with a solid shot of Jagermeister sitting in the top.

It was slightly disappointing and strange that the temperature wasn’t right despite the ice bar being open for a couple of weeks.

Nonetheless, after half an hour or so we trundled back out and handed back the jackets, discussing the rather unusual experience.

It’s definitely interesting and worth seeing for yourself, and with a drink included with the £5 ticket price, you won’t be wasting much money if you don’t enjoy it.

Luckily we did and we imagine many other people will before the pop-up bar closes in a few months’ time.

Rating: 4/5