Do you think busy parents should be allowed to use bus lanes?

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Busy parents could save hours on the school-run every term if a new proposal to allow them into bus lanes is rolled out.

Motoring experts at have launched a campaign to allow mums and dads to bypass queueing traffic by using bus lanes, alongside taxis and motorcycles.

Appeal for Parents to be given same advantage as public transport

Appeal for Parents to be given same advantage as public transport

‘Allowing parents to make use of quiet bus lanes would save them valuable time and help sleep deprived pupils cope with annually increasing educational pressure,’ claimed this month.

‘A quicker journey to school should mean children have more time at home to spend on homework and extracurricular activities, with the family and resting.’

According to the Department for Transport, the average distance children aged 11 to 16 live from their school is over three miles, and less than 40 per cent can travel on foot, with nearly half of primary school pupils also having to rely on petrol power.

And Leasecar suggests this new move, designed to ease congestion on the school run, could be as cheap and easy as installing a few signs on the side of the road permitting parents to join taxis, motorcycles and bicycles in the red lane.

Gareth Roberts, of, said: “Busy mums and dads just don’t have time to be sat in traffic on the way to school. Picture the scene: your children are arguing, have got breakfast everywhere and forgotten their P.E., so now you’re stuck in traffic and running late. The last thing you should then have to do is sit in a jam for half an hour, inching between sets of lights, while a motorcycle or empty taxi sails by. It poses an obvious question for local authorities, if getting kids to school on time is a priority: why aren’t parents on the school run allowed in bus lanes too?

“The red paint on the road should part traffic like the red sea for parents and allow children to get their education without early morning stress.’