Days Out: York Dungeon

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Bring the past back to life and experience York’s thrilling, gruesome and explosive history with a trip to the York Dungeons.

A tour of the dungeons isn’t any normal history lesson – it’s an exciting, interactive experience which transports you back in time through past 2,000 years with frighteningly funny characters, fantastic 360 degree scenes and realistic sounds and smells from the past.

You’ll meet some of York’s most famous characters including notorious highwayman, thief and murderer Dick Turpin and November 5th plotter Guy Fawkes, who was born in the city in 1570. Learn how Guy’s plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament was uncovered and what happened to him after his deadly scheme was uncovered.

Find yourself in a plague-riddled doctors surgery in 1551, surrounded by the gruesome sights, sounds and smells and watch as a doctor’s assistant demonstrates how the illness was treated. You can even get to grips with some slimy leeches.

Experience the terror of an invasion by the Vikings as you scurry to a safety in a hidden chamber at Eoforwic Minster, and learn what Anglo-Saxons believed was the real cause for the Viking attack.

It won’t surprise you to learn that on medieval street The Shambles in York there is rumoured to be a ghost – and the landlord of the Golden Fleece Pub is ready to tell you all about the two Williams of 1821, and why William Brown was so angry.

You can also find out about the horrible history of punishment in York – from the torturer’s terrible techniques to the courtroom judge to the executioner.

With ten live performances showcasing the incredible theatrical talent of nine live actors, this fully-themed experience will leave you laughing - and screaming - out loud.


Admission: From £10.50 per person, see website for more information

Address: The York Dungeon, 12 Clifford Street, York YO1 9RD


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