Days Out: Sundown Adventureland

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It’s billed as an under-10s theme park but believe me, if you take your kids here, you’ll also enjoy it and find plenty to do.

In fact, Sundown Adventureland turned out to be a bit of a revelation, because this is not just another them park. Sure, it has all the usual stuff you’d expect to find but there’s an attention to detail which might be lacking at other venues and there are a few stand-out experiences, including the Angry Birds play area and the four-storey (you read that right, dads) play gym, so you’ve no excuse now to “go check on the little ‘uns” and have a whale of a time scrambling around the massive padded construction.

Even the food was nice at this place, tables were clean and prices were reasonable.

We started our day in a moderately large playground, the kind you might see in a large public park and we sat and had an ice-cream before wandering into the main park, which is huge by the way. There are all kinds of areas for you and the children to explore, from a Wild West to a giant sandpit, not to mention candyland, which actually smells of different kinds of sweets as you move in and out of the castle rooms.

In one of the areas, there’s a row of about a dozen or so mock-up houses, all linked by an internal tunnel, with slides, ladders and firemen’s poles leading off at various points. It’s a squeeze for grown-ups but the kids seem to love rambling around in the warren of passages - just make sure you keep track of where they are. There’s so much to do here, it’s easy to lose them.

Tickets are also very reasonably priced at £13 a head. Having been to Disney Land Paris and had to queue hours for each ride, this place is a breath of fresh air. Love the attention to detail, love the fact staff are friendly and the place is clean.


Sundown Adventureland, Retford, Nottinghamshire

Opening times: 10am-5pm

Tickets: £13 per head (two years and above), concessions available


Satnav: DN22 0HX