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I’ve always imagined that I’d need a flowing beard, long hair and be a clear foot taller to ride a trike.

But my worries are over, thanks to Yorkshire Trike Tours.

And if you’re one of those people who aren’t sure about the mode of transport , it’s much safer than a motorcycle but retains that connection to the environment and the overall thrill of riding, which you sometimes miss when travelling in a car.

So what does a trike tour involve? Well, the splendidly chrome finished Boom Trike can carry one of two people on the back two seats and a typical tour takes you round some of the county’s most breathtaking scenery.

We opted for a start in Ilkley and headed around the lower Dales and really tested out the trike’s ability to zip down winding country lanes, climbs and dips.

It sounds crazy, but at times it felt like you were exploring Yorkshire on a roller coaster – it’s exhilarating and like nothing I’d done before.

Better still, you can sit back and chill while the knowledgeable and friendly Jason pulls over every so often to impart some facts about the local area.

They are also now doing tours of the route of the Tour de France ahead of its arrival in Yorkshire next July, so a perfect way to do the route on three wheels without the need for pedal power.

And don’t worry if you’re not a speed demon, as the seating feels secure and comfy and Jason’s happy to go at whatever speed feels right for the passengers.

If you’ve ever fancied riding a massive motorcycle, but it seemed too much – this is for you. And if you’re into massive motorcycles, you’ll probably love it too.

With tours lasting from half an hour up to two day safaris, it’s an experience with a wheel difference.

Prices: From £25 upwards (see website)

Location: Various times and start points (see website)

Attraction Website:

Telephone: 0113 258 5055

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