Days Out: Bounce yourself fit with ‘jumping yoga pilates’

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Whether you’re looking to shift a few pounds for the Christmas party, or simply want to keep the kids entertained after school, a trip to Oxygen Freejumping will not disappoint.

With nine different jumping zones, an obstacle course, foam pit, a giant airbag, and more than 120 trampolines spread across the room (even on the walls) it is every child (and adult’s) dream day out.

After a quick safety briefing, you get to run, bounce and flip to your heart’s content – try perfecting your front flips in the foam pit and onto a huge airbag, or challenge your friends on the obstacle course.

With studies showing that ten minutes on the trampoline can burn the same number of calories as a 30 minute run, it’s safe to say you’ll torch fat, tone up and build muscle – not to mention you’ll have a whole load of fun doing it.

For a really hardcore session, try signing up to one of the Airborne Fitness classes. Led by a trained instructor, each class lasts an hour and features everything from high intensity interval training, to jumpilates – a mixture of yoga and Pilates. Unlike other exercise classes the time will fly (and so will you!).

If the kids are under five, bring them along to the special Little O toddler sessions. Held every morning, they give little ones free roam of the park without being intimated by the bigger kids and adults.


Address: Oxygen Freejumping, Cardigan Fields Leisure Park, Kirkstall Road, Leeds, LS4 2DG

Opening times: 10am–9pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. 10am–10pm Thursday and Friday

Car parking: Free, on-site

Telephone: 0203 846 1386



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