Changing people’s minds is name of the game for singer

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New York singer songwriter Darwin Deez released his self-titled debut album in 2010, followed by his second album, Songs For Imaginative People, earlier this year. He chats about dancing, watching bad TV and trying to forget a girl.

“It’s a dream to be popular in Britain. I don’t know why it is, what you guys connect with, but I put some of it down to the label we’re on, promoting us in the UK. They know how to get things done. We don’t do as well in the US, but I figure if we had a label in America as good as the UK, we’d be fine.”

Deez is known for his dancing while on stage.

“Before 2007, I was performing solo, but since we became a trio, we’ve had the dancing. It was something I copied from a friend of mine who is in a band called Extreme Animals. They’re this noisy techno duo, so quite different musically, but I took the dancing. People seemed to love it, so I haven’t been able to stop. And I don’t think indie singers are supposed to dance, so I see it as a rebellion, and I like that.”

Did he want to change anything when he did his second album?

“The only thing I didn’t like was that some people criticised the first album in a way that was accurate, but at the same time missing the point. Like they said all the songs sounded the same, and from a production point of view, that’s completely accurate – but also totally intentional.

“With the new album, I wanted to change people’s perception of me and my production abilities. I’ve been producing all sorts of music since I was a teenager – indie, electronic music, hip hop, whatever – but with the debut I chose to limit the palate severely for a couple of reasons.

“I just hate reviews when they miss the point and then sound like the voice of God because they think they know best. The album was the way it was because I wanted it to be like that, not some mistake or an indication of a lack of talent.

“It’s just a shame people believe journalists when they’re wrong. Even I believed it! But then if they have opinion that’s wrong, it’s still a legitimate opinion, it’s just up to me to change their mind second time around, and I hope I did that.”

So, does the song-writing process come naturally?

“It was coming really easily for this second album. It was the starting point actually, and I’ve never done it like that before. I never thought I would be that kind of writer either, but it just happened.”

What is he doing for the rest of the year?

“I’m touring till November, basically, and I’m going to try to be healthy.”

l Darwin Deez plays the Reading and Leeds Festival on August 24 and 25.

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