Britons fears losing their jobs with driving licence

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New research has uncovered that more than two in five employed Britons who can drive fear they’d lose their jobs if they were suddenly unable to drive.

Furthermore, even though currently 12 per cent of jobs advertised on say they require a driving licence, 26 per cent of employers have stated they are less likely to employ someone who cannot drive.

The ability to drive gives the average person freedom to travel wherever they like, but a new study has looked into just how important a driving license is to employability, with 13 per cent of employers revealing they have employed someone less qualified than another candidate just because they could drive.

The team at carried out the study in a bid to find out whether a driving licence truly makes a difference when looking for a job. Out of 485,233 jobs, 60,996 said applicants required a full driving license. Needing their employees to be able to travel, as well as an ability to be flexible were among the top reasons employers preferred drivers, along with thinking the people were less likely to be late with their own transport, and an ability to help out in work emergencies if needed.