Book Review: Honey Money: The Power Of Erotic Capital

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Catherine Hakim


In her book Honey Money, Catherine Hakim looks at how attractive people tend to get ahead more easily in life than their plain-looking peers.

She argues that from forging their first relationships as children to progressing up the career ladder, attractive men and women not only ooze good looks, but in a direct response to being treated more kindly by a shallow society, they in turn develop more confident, friendly personalities that see them move on leaps and bounds in every aspect of their life from the bedroom to the boardroom.

Hakim, with a background in sociology, uses real-life case studies and theory to convince the reader that anyone who makes the best of what they've got will progress in life, but that the world will always smile brightest for those that look the best.

Honey Money massages the ego of anyone who sees themselves as even mildly attractive, but could also see those same people wondering whether they're really worthy of their social or professional status.

Allen Lane, hardback £20


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