Taverner: Beer of the Week - Founders All Day IPA

Founders all day IPA
Founders all day IPA
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I came across this one at a restaurant called Atomic Pizza in Cowley Road, Oxford – and it was so good I thought I should share the experience.

I’m not suggesting you drive 180 miles to give it a try, as it seems to be available online, not least from Harrogate’s ale-by-post company Beer Hawk.

Over the past couple of decades, America has re-invented the concept of the India Pale Ale, some breweries packing so much hoppy bitterness and full-on-strength into these ales that they would be quite unrecognisable to those whose livelihoods depended on these famous old beers at the time of the Raj.

At 4.7 per cent ABV, Founders All Day IPA draws back from that, creating a mainstream sessionable beer of moderate strength that is a little cloudy, slightly gloopy on the palate, but with lots of refreshing grapefruit, which is dry and bitter without ever becoming overpowering. It has a long dry finish and was the perfect foil for a great evening. www.beerhawk.co.uk


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