Bar review: Voodoo Bar, North Lane, Headingley

Voodoo bar
Voodoo bar
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It seems a sprinkling of black magic has cast a bit of a spell on the Headingley bar scene of late, with this relative newcomer being as popular as any of its high-profile neighbours.

The glass-fronted venue is a tempting mixture of low prices, drink deals, dancefloor, booths and house music.

Taking over from student staple Citrus, Voodoo is an independent cafe, lounge and bar in the heart of Headingley, which is aimed very much at the younger end of Leeds drinkers.

You’re unlikely to see anyone aged over 35 in here, particularly upstairs where revellers seem to march towards en masse from around 10pm.

But by no means does a night at Voodoo have to be a blowout, as the ground floor lounge is far more relaxed and easy going.

The bar’s entrance and the raised downstairs cocktail lounge are stylish and contemporary, with white walls, an eye-catching spotlight-laden central column, comfortable brown banquette seating, simplistic furniture and a glossy glass facade.

It’s not all about image either, the bar is well stocked with plenty of draught and bottled beer and cider, a small selection of wines, plenty of spirits and an impressive range of cocktails.

And price-wise it must be said that you get a lot of bang for your buck at Voodoo, with as many drinks offers as there are drinks on the menu, so it’s well worth reading up on the offers of the day.

Competing with Headingley’s well known bars such at Box and the Arc for popularity is no mean feat however.

There are plenty of rival venues, with the likes of Trio’s basement and cocktail bars and even the more traditional pub/ bar Arcadia just a stone’s throw away too.

On Barfly’s visit the venue was more than getting by, packed to the rafters upstairs with excitable punters and, in many ways, it’s not hard to see why.

Upstairs the venue spreads out around its central bar, with high-sided leather booths across from the bar itself, while the space sprawls out into a high-ceilinged dancefloor with a DJ booth to boot.

Again the bar has that simplistic yet stylish feel, with thick wooden beams above and as part of the thick-set bar as well exposed red brick and aged wooden flooring.

Open seven days a week, on Monday to Saturday, from 9am to midnight, and on Sunday, from 9am to 11pm, this expansive venue even has a full size American pool hall and arcade games for those in the competitive spirit.

We decided to give this place’s two-for-one cocktails a try, with a couple of flavoursome rum and mint Mojitos and two icy vodka, rum, tequila, gin and triple sec Long Island Iced Teas.

We followed what were quite briskly made and average cocktails from the upstairs bar with a bottle of rose wine, which was on offer at £8.

Our bill came to a very reasonable £21 and although the quality of the drinks wasn’t exactly mind-blowing, the size, value for money and atmosphere of the place made it more than worthwhile.

All in all the attraction of Voodoo is not really the sophistication of its menu or the quality of its drinks. It’s a sociable, young at heart venue that appeals to Headingley’s young guns and tight wallets.

Voodoo isn’t exactly breaking the mould, but it very much fits it.


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