Bar review: The Woods, Chapel Allerton, Leeds

The Woods, Chapel Allerton. Pics: Simon Hulme.
The Woods, Chapel Allerton. Pics: Simon Hulme.
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AFTER closing its doors a few months back in fairly controversial circumstances, we were pleased when we heard The Woods had finally re-opened.

The venue on Stainbeck Corner had become quite a popular fixture on the Chapel Allerton bar scene but closed after just eight months after disputes with staff.

The Woods.

The Woods.

New owners have now moved in and given it a facelift.

The changes are subtle and the general layout remains the same – with a relaxed outside area, inside bar and upstairs dining area.

Walking up to the building, the most striking difference is the bright red and orange paint on the outside walls – a sign to passersby that change is afoot.

The outside seating area has had a minor revamp and the decor has changed inside, with a more minimalist, modern feel.

Upon our arrival, we are greeted by a friendly barman who asks for our order.

When we ask for a drinks menu, we’re told there aren’t any yet.

There is a similar answer when I ask about their cocktail offering, so I am pointed in the direction of a small pile of A4 papers that have the wine list printed on them.

After a quick glance, I opt for a glass of rose.

Which they sadly don’t have.

We finally settle for a small glass of Pinot Grigio at £3 and a bottled cider for £4.50.

The best thing The Woods has going for it is its location and outdoor seating area.

It’s the perfect place to people-watch, soak up some sunshine and relax, and it’s where we choose to spend the evening.

After a glass of prosecco for just £4.20 and a lemonade for £1, the bill came to £12.70.

The prices are very reasonable but we still can’t help but feel slightly disappointed.

After so much excitement that the bar had made a comeback, it was disheartening that even after a few weeks of opening they still haven’t sorted the drinks menu.

It’s still somewhat of a confusing building, being split across three floors.

At the moment they are serving pizzas which are available to take away, and there are plans to expand their food offering.

It seems like the re-opening has been a bit of a rushed job and there are still plenty of kinks to iron out.

You may remember that The Woods was also previously home to The Hummingbird, which closed in 2013, and prior to that, it was known as The Angel’s Share.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the latest reincarnation of The Woods doesn’t follow in its predecessors footsteps.

But for now, it’s sad to say we’re not convinced that it’s out of the woods just yet.