Bar review: Kobe, Horsforth, Leeds

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It’s the text everyone dreams of getting as they settle in for a run-of-the-mill night in front of the television set: “do you fancy a drink?”

Within ten minutes the TV is off and I am in a taxi and en route to Kobe on Horsforth’s New Road Side.

In heart of increasingly gentrified Horsforth, Kobe has been one of the main places to head to in North West Leeds for several years.

Part of the Arc Inspirations group that owns the likes of Trio and The Box around the city, it specialises in upmarket drinking and eating venues that were once only to be found in the city centre.

Before I know it I am at a table, beer in hand and chatting with two old friends I have not seen for sometime.

It is a Bank Holiday and thus busy. Very busy.

Despite the bar being rammed we are able to grab a seat. The barmen and women are the right side of being friendly and welcoming, as are the door staff who open doors for those going in and out. A nice touch.

The clientèle, in my experience does not change massively throughout the day.

During daylight hours you will get families and friends meeting for coffee or lunch while the evening sees visitors enjoying a few cocktails or beers.

My hopes for a craft beer, currently storming the Leeds bar trade, were dashed early on when I was informed that the one beer in that bracket that the bar had on tap was off for the evening.

The craze for craft ale is strong at present and it was surprising to find that the beer was not in stock. Must be popular I guess, but nonetheless a disappointment.

Not to be daunted however I opt for a Pilsner which comes in a satisfying handled glass.

Kobe really shines with its food. You cannot go anywhere in Leeds at present without being offered a burger of some description but, as you may expect for a bar named after a rare and prized form of Japanese cattle, it manages to keep pace with the herd.

Much of the ingredients are sourced locally from Yorkshire farms, satisfying the current craze for reduced food miles.

Kobe, much like the rest of the bars in the Arc Inspirations, serves a purpose in that it provides a clean, modern place to eat or drink in the suburbs of Leeds and beyond.

It doesn’t try or pretend to be ground breaking or edgy, nor would I imagine any of its customers.

As such it is a satisfying and enjoyable place to spend time with friends.

A few drinks and a satisfying amount of nostalgia with my companions and I am suddenly feeling relaxed, the entire purpose of a Bank Holiday.

In this particular purpose, Kobe delivered massively.


Address: New Road Side, Horsforth

Rating: 3/5