Bar review: Almost Famous, Leeds

Almost Famous, Great George Street Leeds.
Almost Famous, Great George Street Leeds.
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The section of Great George Street that runs between the Town Hall and Leeds Cathedral has long been associated with having a thriving bar scene.

With the Electric Press on one side of the street and a run of pubs on the other, it has been a hotspot for revellers for a decade.

And while the Nation of Shopkeepers venue continues to dominate the strip, it has some new competition next door.

Almost Famous has been in business for little over a year and is now and has solidified a strong reputation in the city centre for decent food and drink.

During the day it prides itself on its opulent and decadent burgers but at night it is a haven for fans of cocktails and good conversation.

My group and I plump for a Nut Meat Mai Thai on the basis that it contains rum and rum is what we want (it contains orange, pistachio and lime as well but the rum is the main event).

Served alongside a shooter dubbed as Eagles Beak (no apostrophe), it is a heady brew of Jack Daniels, Maraschino, Mint and Plum Bitters.

The night is underway.

The venue reminds me of Fab Cafe in that it is purposefully done out to feel like an old university common room or a student’s bedroom. The tables are covered with graffiti carrying various slogans and the toilets are adorned with quotes from movies such as American Psycho.

Staff and service are extremely friendly and helpful and my group are made to feel very welcome throughout our visit.

The barman even helpfully furnishes us with a couple of key football results as he overhears our conversation at the bar.

The upstairs area affords glass panelled walls that overlook the nearby buildings and the music pumped into the building is consistently decent.

Perhaps the most perturbing and unique thing about Almost Famous is the massive gorilla that stands guard by the doorway. I have no idea a) where they got it from and b) how they got it into the building in the first place but it dominates the room.

It is so big you can even sit on one of its hands.

Almost Famous is part of a chain and boasts outlets across the north of England.

As such it is never going to be a unique or stand-out venue in the city centre or the kind of place that becomes synonymous with the Leeds bar scene.

However if you want a great place to spend time with your mates and enjoy some great drinks, food and music then you simply cannot go wrong with this place.

It carries on the proud tradition of Great George Street with aplomb.