Bar review: The Brotherhood, New Briggate, Leeds - screens galore for sport fans

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Screens, screens, screens.

Oh, and here’s some more screens.

You really will not miss any of the action if you’ve come to The Brotherhood for sport coverage.

Whether it’s football, rugby or even tennis that you’re after, this is the place to follow live sport.

First impressions

It’s quite dimly-lit but very spacious.

There’s tables outside the front door and as you walk through the front, you’ll see some sofas and a small seating area to the left and very a small, spillover-type bar with a couple of tables and stools to the right. And of course, screens.

As you walk forwards through to the main bar, this is where the fun really begins and it comes into its own.

There’s several large screens mounted on the wall behind the main bar.

Beware: this can be distracting when talking to someone or trying to order from the bar.

The screens also alternate - so if two teams are playing at the same time, staff will ensure everyone can watch what they came for (though possibly without sound).

There’s also an upstairs, with a pool table, second bar, and even a balcony where you can watch your team in all its glory.

The atmosphere

First things first, this is a sports bar. We’ve already highlighted the number of screens - so you know it’ll get rowdy.

We’re here an hour before a football match begins and we stick around for the whole match, which gives us a good flavour of with/without football.

Before the kick off, it is quite busy but not too loud.

After the game starts, it is completely packed. The main bar is rammed as expected but it’s so loud that even just to hear the television you need to be sitting near the tables by the front door.

It isn’t spotless here, either, and could really do with a go-over on a lot of the surfaces/walls (not just talking about drinking tables, here).

The drinks

Drinks are exactly as you expect here. A variety of lagers - Budweiser, Birra Moretti, Corrs Light. I go for a Moretti, which is refreshingly cooling when the bar heats up during the latter stages of the match.

My partner opts for a Camden pale ale, which is on tap here (they have Camden Hells too). It’s a bit of a hybrid of a lager and a true pale ale but it’s nice.

We also test out the Blue Moon - bit of a new-age take on traditional wheat beer with an orange twist. Very nice.

They also do alcohol packages at Brotherhood, so if you’re in a big group you can all throw in together for a deal of several bottles of spirit and unlimited mixer - we thought the mixer deal was a nice touch. There’s crates of beer on offer, too.

The service

As mentioned earlier, if you’re in this bar it is probably for a sporting event which means it’s probably busy. Staff are brilliant though and have a quick turnover when pulling pints, so you’re in safe hands.

The verdict

It could do with a nice spring clean and probably a touch up in some areas

But with its abundance of screens, choice of lager and sport coverage, it’s easy to see why The Brotherhood has risen to become one of Leeds city centre’s favourite sports bars.