12 things you realise about Leeds after you've worked in the city for a year

What has an outsider learnt about Leeds after working in the city for just under a year?

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 18th December 2018, 10:05 am
Updated Tuesday, 18th December 2018, 10:08 am
What has an outsider learnt about Leeds after working in the city for almost a year?
What has an outsider learnt about Leeds after working in the city for almost a year?

Despite what people from South Yorkshire might think, Joe Cawthorn has found a lot to be discovered in Leeds, and has been blown away by what he has found...

Sheffield is known for its wealth of green spaces - so I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Leeds too has some excellent spots for getting some fresh air in the lungs.
Leeds United fans have picked up a bad rep in other parts of Yorkshire, but from what I've witnessed, they just love their club - arguably more than any set of fans I've yet to come across.
From White Rose to Trinity Leeds, Kirkstall Market to The Headrow and all of the high streets in between, you'll always find what you're looking for in Leeds.
OK, so one area Leeds might be lacking is transport around the city. Sheffield has the Supertram, Manchester has the Metrolink, what would Leeds' version be called?
South Yorkshire has churned out its fair share of chart toppers, from Arctic Monkeys to Human League, but I've come to realise Leeds loves its live music scene and I'll admit that First Direct Arena beats Sheffield's equivalent.
There are some fantastic buildings in this city - such as these quirky characters on Dock Street. Taking the time to look up and see what it above the shop fronts is definitely worthwhile here.
Who needs roads when you have the water? These water taxis are a fantastic attribute to the city.
From my experience of this summer's World Cup, and the excellent atmosphere at Millennium Square and other bars and clubs around the city, I can honestly say that Leeds can throw a decent bash.
After writing a few pieces about the market this year, it's clear to see by the responses that the city's views on it are split. But I can tell you the outsider's view of the market is very good.
Forgive me Leeds, for I have sinned. I assumed before my inaugural visit to Bramham Park this summer, that it would be absolute carnage. It was actually rather pleasant...
From the triathlon I covered to Leeds Light Night, there are some wonderful things that can happen when a city comes together.
When it was announced Leeds would be the new host of Channel 4 headquarters back in October, I whooped and hollered like true a Loiner! I can say after a year here, they definitely made the right choice.