Enjoy these photos from the YEP's Half and Half Appeal down the years. PICS: YPN

YEP Half and Half Appeal in photos - How Leeds made a difference down the decades

They are the photos which showcase the generosity and dedication of those who helped the YEP's Half and Half Appeal reach its £3 million target.

Monday, 16th December 2019, 3:07 pm
Updated Monday, 16th December 2019, 4:27 pm

Since launching in 1982, the fund which is believed to be the longest running newspaper charity campaign in the UK, received donations for a vital cause which remains close to people’s hearts. Many thousands of people across the city have made the contributions which help to keep the city’s two main hospices running. All cash is split equally between St Gemma’s and Sue Ryder Wheatfields. These photos plucked from the YEP archive showcase the efforts of those who help make a difference over the years. READ MORE: YEP appeal smashes £3million mark

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