Ghost hunter exploring Leeds Museum for charity - here's how to watch

Leeds City Museum has given exclusive access to a Leeds ghost hunter to hold a paranormal night tomorrow in aid of charity Cash for Kids.

Friday, 26th June 2020, 4:50 pm
Robert Pyke normally takes groups of amateur paranormal sleuths around historic sites. Pic: John Clifton
Robert Pyke normally takes groups of amateur paranormal sleuths around historic sites. Pic: John Clifton

Paranormal investigator Robert Pyke and his wife Ann-Marie are streaming the event free on social media for anyone to participate and see if they can spot ghostly goings-on.

The last event, at paranormal hotspot 20 East Drive in Pontefract, attracted more than 10,000 viewers over the course of the evening, with one eagle-eyed viewer spotting a door upstairs appearing to open on its own.

The event, which starts at 7.30pm, is about raising money for charity Mr Pyke said, as himself and his team of family members are all voluntary.

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“There’s no financial gain for us, we just want to raise money for the charity. We’ll be able to leave the museum with our heads held high and hopefully the event will be recognised as something good for Leeds.”

He admits the event is “completely out there” and far from a typical fundraiser but he hopes the night will be escapism for viewers.

Mr Pyke normally takes small groups around historical sites but has moved online during lockdown.

“It’s something that is a bit unique and different, it will allow people to see what we’re all about.”

Mr Pyke, who has 40 years of experience in contacting the other side, said this kind of event has been known to go wrong in the past and should not be attempted by anyone without training.

However, he said it will be conducted entirely “respectfully” with an awareness that the team are communicating with people’s relatives.

“We want to see if we can capture evidence of the paranormal.”

He said the event, over the course of five hours, will be perfect for anyone who is “curious” and people can either watch the whole thing or dip in for a while during the evening.

“Last time we had a phenomenal response - some people set it up on their TVs and watched for five hours.

“All we ask is that people consider making a donation. We currently have 500 people interested on Facebook and if every one donated £1, that’s £500 for the charity.”

Follow the event on Facebook.