This is what Yorkshire Evening Post readers are most looking forward to post-lockdown

The coronavirus crisis has changed all our lives, but many Yorkshire Evening Post readers are looking ahead to life after lockdown.

Thursday, 14th May 2020, 6:00 am

We recently carried out a lockdown survey of our readers, asking them to answer 25 questions about the current situation.

This week we are running a number of stories looking at various aspects of the results that came out of the survey.

Yesterday we revealed how lockdown has affected those who took part in the survey and what their biggest concerns are here.

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JPIMedia survey results.

Today we are focusing on what the people of Leeds are most looking forward to post-lockdown, according to the results of the poll.

Those who took part in the survey were able to choose any number of the following options:

attending sports events

eating out and going to pubs

Here's what Yorkshire Evening post readers had to say about the coronavirus lockdown.

going to the barber/hairdresser

going for beauty treatments

going to the cinema/theatre/live music etc

going for days out at leisure attractions

going on holidays/trips

going shopping

playing sport/going to the gym/exercise classes


66.61% of Yorkshire Evening Post readers said they were looking forward to going on holidays or trips, followed by eating out and going to pubs and bars which 62.04% of readers opted for.

The third most popular option was going to the barber or hairdresser which 53.56% of people said they were looking forward to.

The least popular option was going for beauty or pampering treatments.

Our survey also asked people to choose up to three areas of everyday life they were looking forward to from the following options:

enjoying the outdoors again

going back to their place of work

seeing family

socialising with friends

their children going back to school again

The most popular options with our respondents were: seeing family with 74%; socialising with friends with 58.58%, enjoying the outdoors again with 43.48%, going back to my place of work with 15.33 and their children going back to school again with 15.42%.

Today and tomorrow Yorkshire Evening Post will be revealing more results from our lockdown survey.