We asked Leeds if the UK lockdown measures should be stricter: here's what you said

We asked Leeds if the lockdown measures should be made stricter or not, and this is what you said.

Wednesday, 22nd April 2020, 5:00 pm

Foreign secretary Dominic Raab, who is deputising for prime minister Boris Johnson while he is recovering from coronavirus, announced a three-week extension to the current lockdown late last week in an effort to lower infection rates of Covid-19.

The UK was put into a full lockdown on March 23, and has since seen a further period implemented after last week's announcement on April 16.

The current rules during the lockdown state that you can leave your home for shopping, such as food and other essential items.

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Would you be in favour of stricter lockdown rules? (Image: PA)

People can also leave their homes once a day for exercise, and for medical reasons or to travel to and from work if you absolutely cannot from home.

In a poll held by the Yorkshire Evening Post this week, which attracted a little under 5,000 votes, 78 per cent of people in Leeds felt the lockdown measures currently in place should be made stricter, whereas 22 per cent believe the rules in place are strong enough.

"I think the majority of people are being respectful and responsible and doing as they’ve been asked," Sharon Grace said, writing on the YEP Facebook page.

"It’s the ignorant minority that need policing better. Tougher fines need imposing and keeping in check."

Linda Murray agreed, saying: "If everyone did exactly as they were told to do, it wouldn’t be necessary to impose a stricter approach."

Others also had their say about the debate.

"I'm not sure that will deter those who already break the rules," said Elaine Newsome. "It will just make it worse for those of us who do as we're asked."

Helen Casson also wrote: "We don't need a tougher lockdown, we need people to adhere to the rules which are already in place."

Kathleen Atkinson added: "I think if we increase the restrictions, we will lose the public support, after all at some point we need to get the children back to school, and the economy needs to recover."

Barbara Forster was torn between the two options.

"As much as I want to say no, so I can travel the 90 miles to go see my eldest son and the rest of my family, something needs to be done to stop those who are flaunting the rules and doing what they want," she said.

While Sue Fairburn believed it would be too early for anything else, saying: "We can't go can’t go back yet ,otherwise what’s the point."