This Leeds gym owner says he is 'ready to go' when Government gives green light

The boss of one of Britain's largest gym chains has used his Leeds gym to show his company is "ready to go" as soon as they get the green light from the government.

Wednesday, 1st July 2020, 4:45 pm

Gyms have been shut throughout the coronavirus lockdown for safety reasons but, unlike pubs and restaurants, they have not been permitted to reopen on July 4.

Anytime Fitness UK's CEO Neil Randall said various safety measures at his premises have already been planned out and implemented.

Mr Randall hopes his gyms, which number 165 in the UK and Ireland, will be able to reopen in mid-July, although no date has yet been set by government.

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Operations manager Graham Lilley measures out the distances between benches in the weights area at the Anytime Fitness gym centre in Leeds (photo: SWNS).

Pictures taken at the Leeds Anytime Fitness today (Wednesday) show a number of the safety measures already implemented to ensure safe conduct.

As in many shops, there is a dedicated entrance and separate exit, to prevent people getting too close to one another, and hand sanitiser dispensers are stationed throughout.

Blue tape with the words 'keep a safe distance' can be seen stuck on the floors inside the gym, in order to ensure social distancing is adhered to.

Some machines have been moved to ensure the distances between them are as far as possible in the space allowed.

Operations manager Graham Lilley trains with a pair of dumbbells at the Anytime Fitness gym centre in Leeds (photo: SWNS).

Workers at the gym have also embarked on an increased cleaning schedule, meaning the machines and all areas will be sanitised even more often than usual.

CEO Mr Randall said: "We have been working on the reopening process since the beginning of April.

"We've had meetings twice a week with others involved in the sector to work out the best and safest way to return.

"Scientists have also been involved in the discussions.

Operations manager Graham Lilley cleans dumbbells at the Anytime Fitness gym centre in Leeds (photo: SWNS).

"We're now at a point where we can return, we could return this weekend were we permitted to.

"However it looks like the date will be later in the month and when it's announced we will be ready to go."