Leeds Council reveals local lockdown plan in event of second coronavirus wave

Leeds Council has unveiled its plans for a local lockdown if the city sees a spike in coronavirus cases.

Wednesday, 1st July 2020, 1:33 pm

In a new report, the council outlines its Leeds Covid-19 Outbreak Plan to reduce infections, save lives and to support the city's recovery in the event of a new outbreak.

Contact tracing will be a key component in the city-wide plan, which will involve working with care homes, schools, workplaces and high-risk locations and communities.

It comes as tougher lockdown restrictions have been enforced in Leicester following a spike in coronavirus cases.

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Leeds Council has outlined its plan in the event of local outbreaks (Photo: Danny Lawson/PA Wire)

Leeds Council has received a one-off payment of £4.4million from the Government to fund its own local outbreak plan, including the test and trace system.

Current infection rates in Leeds are low, but the council has outlined its plans to manage any local outbreaks that may occur, ensuring those facing the highest risk are prioritised.

This is the council's strategy for managing local outbreaks:

- Using health data and local intelligence to identify early warnings of a second wave of the virus

- Using testing and contact tracing to manage local infections and outbreaks when identified

- Extra training for the council's workforce and third sector workers who are involved in outbreak management, infection prevention and contact tracing

- Working with Public Health England to identify coronvairus hotspots in Leeds and responding using test and trace

- Preventing, identifying and and responding to local outbreaks in care homes, schools, hospitals and other high-risk places

- Supporting the most vulnerable people in self-isolating in the event of a local outbreak

The report's aims are to "minimise and manage the spread of Covid-19 so the people of Leeds feel safe to return to work, school and public places and restart the economy whilst living with Covid-19".

You can read the full report here.