The caring heroes of Leeds amid the coronavirus pandemic

We asked our readers to nominate their caring heroes - both paid and unpaid - from across Leeds during Carers Week.

Saturday, 13th June 2020, 11:45 am
Rachel and Jessica proud to be home carers.

Here, we celebrate those in our community who have been caring for the most vulnerable across our city amid the global health crisis. Our thanks will never be enough...

Julie said: "This is my best mate Emma Turpin who's one in a million heart of gold and would do anything for her residents."
Ste said: "My wife Lucy Smith. Smashing it day in day out for Bluebird!"

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Gaby said: "My wonderful colleague Kirsty Smith. She is such a brilliant support worker and goes above and beyond to help anyone. Team Springfield Healthcare."
Vicki said: "Ruth McHale & Tracy Ward. Part of Springfield Health Care. Two very dedicated, caring ladies who go above and beyond their job role everyday to ensure everyone they visit are safe & well."
Husband Andy said: "This is my missus, Shelley, a carer for LCC. Just one of thousands of people who deserve a mention too, Including the cleaners!
Kaylie said: This is my mum Christine she is 68 and a carer she is still doing 12 hour shifts. She is a true hero, I am so proud of her.
Jenny said: Myself and Lisa are home carers in the community.
Mum Joan said: My daughter, Kelly, is a carer. She goes out every day looking after ill people in their homes."
Lauren said: Me and my colleague are both senior care assistants.
Rachel and Jessica proud to be home carers.