Anti-ageing firm invents 'cleavage pillow' which claims to eradicate chest and neck wrinkles

An anti-ageing company has invented a pioneering "cleavage pillow" which vows to eradicate chest and neck wrinkles.

Saturday, 21st September 2019, 2:17 pm
Would you buy one? Photo: SWNS

Barcelona-based Sleep & Glow is selling a 'pillow bra' designed to “fight skin creases and cleavage wrinkles when sleeping on the side”.

When worn the 100 per cent silk pillow-bra is said to prevent the formation of creases and sleep wrinkles.

The product - which is strapped across the arms in order to place a cushion in between the boobs - is listed as a ‘must have’ for ‘ladies with gorgeous forms’.

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The £55 bra pillow - which comes complete with a tiny silk bow - is said to "work for both prevention and cure".

The controversial product has attracted criticism online from customers and celebrities.

Vicar of Dibley actress Dawn French tweeted ‘I don’t understand anything anymore…’.

Writing on Instagram, under the ad, one critic said: "Or y'know, be happy with what you've got and stop letting the world tell you what you ought to look like."

But someone else wrote: "Lots of you in disbelief over this but as a 39 year old woman with DD cup breasts I can assure you that cleavage wrinkles hit you in your mid 30s and nothing makes you feel old like cleavage wrinkles.

"I wish I had this my whole big boobed life! I will be ordering for sure!"

A spokesman for Sleep & Glow said: "We hadn't expected that our ad would generate such a discussion.

"Our pillow bra product is for those ladies who are concerned about cleavage wrinkles.

"In no way we were raising such a concern among women who don’t have it.

"It’s a free choice of every lady to be or not to be concerned about this problem.

"Many women use cloths and towels to separate breasts during sleep to fight cleavage wrinkles and sweating.

"We have developed the pillow bra, which is much better than those ‘do it yourself’ solutions.

"Our mission was and is to improve lives of women, who are concerned about the problem of cleavage wrinkles.

"Beauty care is a personal choice of every woman and we respect any choice she makes.

"To care or not to care about wrinkles is a personal choice.

"There are enough women who need and appreciate our kind of pillow bra."