Roundhay School open morning is on October 16

If you have Year 6 or Year 11 children looking to their future, you won’t want to miss the Roundhay School open morning.

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Thursday, 23rd September 2021, 9:05 am
Save the date – Roundhay School open morning is on Saturday, October 16.

Roundhay School is once again looking forward to welcoming their community for their popular open morning on Saturday, October 16.

The event will take place from 9:30am to 12:30pm and will give prospective pupils the opportunity to explore the world class facilities, discuss the curriculum with teachers and meet the real stars of the school, the pupil ambassadors.

The open morning is aimed at both school pupils in Year 6 thinking about their secondary school choice as well as pupils in Year 11 thinking about their post-16 learning.

More than an ‘exam factory’ – Roundhay School’s open morning will show what they can do for your children.

Roundhay School has proudly served its community for over 100 years. It is a truly comprehensive school that believes that every child can succeed and be ready for their future. The community is built on the expectation that all members of the community will be responsible, resilient and ready to learn.

Matthew Partington said: “We offer a broad and balanced curriculum that ensures pupils are able to achieve excellence in a wide range of subjects. We dedicate curriculum time to enrichment and to the core subjects that will support pupils to be successful in external exams.

France, Spain, Berlin and Sicily

“There are a wide range of clubs and experiences that pupils can participate in throughout their time at Roundhay School. They can look forward to a carefully planned residential programme in Key Stage Three; enjoy trips to First World War Battlefields and Spain to increase their cultural capital in Key Stage Four; and residentials to Berlin and Sicily in Key Stage Five.”

If you have Year 6 or Year 11 children looking to their future, you won’t want to miss the Roundhay School open morning.

Matthew Partington added: “Roundhay School is very proud of the enrichment that pupils will experience during their time at school and are confident that it doesn’t happen everywhere.”

World Class School

Roundhay School and Sixth Form has consistently secured some of the most impressive results in the country and is delighted to have recently been awarded the official “World Class Schools” designation in recognition of this continued success.

Despite this excellent track record, the school is not an ‘exam factory’ and a large number of students comment on the positive relationships and huge opportunities outside the classroom. The dedicated staff will do ‘whatever it takes’ for all pupils and work hard to ensure that Roundhay students develop both personally and academically.

The school takes transition very seriously and arranges a bespoke programme to make sure all pupils feel confident and ready to start their Roundhay journey. From visiting our feeder primary schools to arranging a three-day transition programme, the team is determined that everyone will be ready for Roundhay.

The sixth form experience aims to inspire you to be the best you can be. The curriculum offers high academic challenge within a very supportive environment, where you will become independent learners who are responsible, resilient and ready to learn.

Future careers

Beyond the classroom you will be encouraged to develop employability skills and be ambitious for your future career.

He added: “The majority of our students successfully progress to higher education, where they graduate from universities across the country, in courses from medicine to law and social sciences to engineering.

“For those looking to other options, we offer a range of opportunities to explore the world of work through work experience and an insight into apprenticeships and employment.”

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