Pupil sent to isolation for '1cm strip on shoe' - Leeds parents share back to school uniform problems

Leeds parents have shared their back-to-school uniform nightmares with the Yorkshire Evening Post in the wake of news of pupils being sent home.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 6th September 2018, 7:07 pm
Updated Thursday, 6th September 2018, 7:16 pm
The reflective strip on the shoe which got a pupil sent to isolation
The reflective strip on the shoe which got a pupil sent to isolation

News broke this week that St Wilfrids in Featherstone had been sending pupils home for uniform infractions.

-> Pupils ordered home from school on first day back over uniform rowIn response, parents from Leeds and across Yorkshire have shared their experiences of school uniform problems as well as their views.

One mum, who wished to remain anonymous, told us about an issue her child ran into over the 1cm reflective strip on the back of his shoe (pictured).

She said: "Mine's been told he will be in isolation tommorow due to a 1cm reflector on the top back of his black shoe.

"I would love to bring the head teacher shopping with me the day I bought these

"I could have bought an all black pair but they were £100. These came with speckled laces which I replaced with black ones and they had the reflector on the back which he tried to colour in and were a fraction of the price same make.

"I refuse to buy £100 shoes for a 13 year old who's feet grow like mad!"

Hayley Power said: "My friend's daughter was sent home from here because her hair was too big. She has an afro it's not just the uniform, they are trying to find fault."

A spokesman for the school said: "Changes to the school uniform, for September 2018, were agreed following a parental/school consultation in January and February , 2018.

"Full details of the uniform for September 2018, including details of where uniform can be purchased has been shared with parents every week in the school newsletter since March 2018 and students were informed regularly in school.

"St Wilfrid's has a long and proud tradition of high standards and expectations, including those for uniform.

"We would like to thank the vast majority of students and their families for supporting school and wearing the correct uniform."

Stacey Moon said: "My son's school excluded him during exam year for wearing socks with colours on. The colours were on the toe, heel and the top. All bits that can't be seen. Unless they made them take their shoes off to check, which they did. Some schools and teachers especially take it too far!"

Padraic Gillard said: "Just had my son down for uniform check shock horror we followed rules and he's fine if you as a parent can't get organised in six weeks well you have no to blame but yourself."

Vid Tka added: "So if I child comes wearing wrong uniform or shoes, he/she is sent home. But when child wakes up with fever, cough and headache, he/she needs to be fed with paracetamol and sent to school. LOL"

Steve Cooper said: "Education doesn’t care what clothes you wear !! Schools are more bothered about looking good , than actually teaching the kids !!"

Angela Burrow said: "Uniform should be affordable for all, have reasonable boundaries and clear rules. A blazer at £50+ is not affordable to all. It should not be about the clothes you wear, HOWEVER, by putting everyone in an affordable uniform, children can focus on education and not who is wearing what fashion."

Richard Edwards said: Funny how most countries in the world seem to manage just fine without school uniforms (particularly impractical, expensive ones that insist upon ties and blazers). Like everything else in this country, it's just another manifestation of the class system, and a pretext on which to enforce nonsensical rules and mete out disproportionate punishments as a way of socialising the proles into knowing our place."

Shelley McGrath said: "All this if I went to work without uniform crap is just that crap! These are schools schools for children not adults yet why can’t they be kids anymore if they are smart in black trousers why is it wrong? What difference does a hair style make?"